Around Taiwan, fighters and ships of Army of PRC were again seen again 11 June

Taiwan recorded 4 ships and 24 aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) in the regional island adjacent to the island. On Sunday, June 11 was reported in the Taiwan Ministry of Defense.

The report said that 10 of the 24 aircraft of the PLA, including the SU-30, J-10, J-11, H-6 and AWACS, were included in the zone of air defense identification from the southwest.

The Taiwanese military in response raised an air patrol, distributed radio broadcasts and deployed anti -aircraft missile systems.

The department reported on June 9 that Taiwan recorded 5 ships and 37 ALOKs adjacent to the island of the region.

It is noteworthy that the flights and patrolling of ships coincided with the week of the visit to the island of Laura Rosenberger, the President of the American Institute, which is a de facto US Embassy in Taiwan.

At the beginning of the week, Rosenberger said that the United States wants peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and will continue to supply weapons to support the island self -defense.

China on April 8 announced three -day exercises immediately after the Tsai Inven trip in the United States, where she met with the speaker of the House of Representatives of the Senate Kevin McCarthy.

As part of the exercises, the Chinese army worked out a script for point strikes on key goals in Taiwan as part of the exercises around the island.

The Eastern Command of the Theater of Military Epencles of the PLA posted a computer animation on the social network, depicting the simulation of the attack.

On the first day of the exercises, on April 8, Taiwan recorded 9 ships and 71 aircraft adjacent to the island of the region, 11 ships and 70 aircraft on the second day, and on the third day -12 ships and 91 aircraft of the army of the PRC.

China also conducted military exercises around the island after the visit of the speaker of the House of US representatives Nancy Peloshi on Taiwan on August 2 and 3 last year. The exercises that swept six areas created a de facto blockade around the island.

On August 10, China announced the end of military exercises around Taiwan later the planned date of their completion.

The command of the Eastern Theater of Military Earth operations of the People’s Liberation Army of China reported that the exercises at sea and in the air near Taiwan have been officially completed, but military patrols in the Taiwanese Strait would continue.

Beijing emphasizes the “principle of one China” and opens against the independent diplomatic relations of Taiwan with the countries of the world and his representation in the UN and other international organizations.