Elections of head of administration and deputies of parliament are held in Taiwani

On Taiwani on Saturday, January 13, the elections of the head of the administration, his deputy, as well as deputies of the Legislative Yuan (parliament) are held.

According to the CEC, 17,795 polling stations are opened on the island. The total population of Taiwani is 23.4 million, and the number of voters is 19.55 million people.

Voters will receive three ballots: to choose the head of the administration of the island and his deputy, for voting for candidates for deputies of the Parliament in the territorial district, for voting on party lists.

The post of head of the administration will fight barking Qinde from the ruling democratic progressive party, Hou Yui from the main opposition party Gomintan and Ke Wenzhe from the Center Taiwanese People’s Party.

The residents of the island will also be elected members of the legislative yuan. It includes 113 deputies who are elected for a four -year term. Of these, 79 seats in the electoral districts are distributed in most votes, including 6 places reserved for parliamentarians from among the indigenous population. The remaining 34 places are distributed in proportion to the number of votes received by each political party.

In order to get these places in parliament, parties must overcome the election threshold of 5 percent. The political party, which received 57 mandates in parliament, can form a government, providing an absolute majority.

The head of the Taiwan administration since 2016 has been a representative of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Tsai Inven. In 2024, its second and last term expires in this position.

The newly elected head of the administration of the island and his deputy will take the oath on May 20. And the parliament in a new composition will gather for a meeting on February 1.