Patrushev: United States expand military infrastructure in Asia -Pacific region

The United States, for the sake of preserving imaginary hegemony, unceremoniously expand its military infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing it closer to the borders of Russia and China. This was stated by the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev, reports TASS.

“It should be noted that in order to maintain its imaginary hegemony, the United States continues to provoke tension and instability in the Asia -Pacific region,” Patrushev said in Magadan at a meeting of the Far East of Russia.

According to him, Washington “unceremoniously expands the military infrastructure, bringing it closer to the borders of Russia and China.”

The Secretary of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Russian Federation recalled that the United States formed the Aukus military union (USA, England, Australia), and also consider the possibility of supplying weapons to Taiwan and the creation of a new union of the Pacific Four: the USA, Japan, Australia, the Philippines.

As the Kyodo agency previously reported, Australia, the USA and Japan will hold joint naval exercises in the South China Sea on August 23. According to him, three countries will be sent large warships to the Filippin area.