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Head of Euro -Diplomatia about visit of Pelosi to Taiwan
Who will Beijing punish?
And Germany warned: China about statements of Berbok
European Union against escalation in Taiwan
China will respond US sanctions
“Dangerous zones”: China closed six zones for aircraft at Taiwan
Peloshi explained future of Taiwan and USA
China partially suspended trade with Taiwan
Trump: “Is crazy Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan?”
United States said they do not support Taiwan’s independence
Xi Jinping commented on Peloshi’s visit to Taiwan
Moscow: Germany could not help Ukraine for eight years, and give them Taiwan already
China forbade imports from Taiwan
Germany promises to support Taiwan
Taiwan found out in which hotel Pelosi will stop
Another US Special Border in Malaysia
Waiting for Pelosi: China brought aircraft carriers to sea
Taiwan in a hurry prepares bomb shelters
Pelosi will still visit Taiwan
Countries that are still difficult to visit because of Covid-19
USA is pulling troops to Taiwan
Pelosi’s plane can still sit in Taiwan?
China stated most important task of “new era”
Flightradar hid nearby Nancy Pelosi aircraft
Taiwan raised fighters into sky and deployed air defense systems
Switzerland threatened China with hard sanctions
Pelosi flew into tour of Asia. And China conducts exercises next to Taiwan
White House: US position on Taiwan has not changed
Taiwan will feel “all anger of Beijing” because of Pelosi
“There are no boundaries between China and Taiwanem”
Chinese drone flew to Taiwan through an important Japanese strait
Pelosi protection plan: United States pulls up military forces into region
Biden will call with Xi Jinping because of Taiwan
Beijing answered Tokyo: Chinese army will firmly defend national sovereignty
Taiwan is preparing for “attack” of China
Biden wants to talk to Xi Jinping
Head of CIA about return of China Taiwan
Biden stated a bad idea of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan
Pelosi is going to Taiwan. China is sharply against
Tony Blair: Russia’s invasion showed that international norms cannot be counted
Zhor Agamirova reached finals, and Bahram Rajabzade – to semifinals of world games
Armenia was included in “black list” USA
United States included Armenia in “black list”
China is ready for war due to visit of US Senator to Taiwan
China conducts military exercises in Taiwan area
Azerbaijani gymnasts and karatists go to world games in USA
Reuters announced that payments that have not reached holders of Eurobonds of Russia
China: We will return Taiwan by any means, including military