NATO Secretary General warns of growing cyber threat


NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, spoke today (10 November 2022) at NATO’s 2022 Cyber Defence Pledge conference in Rome.

Highlighting recent cyber-attacks against satellites, critical infrastructure and government departments, especially as part of Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine, the NATO Secretary General warned of the real and growing threat from cyberspace.

Mr Stoltenberg said, “Cyber is a constantly contested space and the line between peace, crisis and conflict is blurred. That is why NATO has taken the threat to cyberspace from state and non-state actors so seriously for so long. And why we have taken determined steps to guard against cyber-attacks. It is key to our collective defence.”

The Cyber Defence Pledge, agreed at NATO’s Warsaw Summit in 2016, has seen Allies increase their investment in our cyber defences. Mr Stoltenberg added, “I call on Allies to recommit to cyber defence. With more money, more expertise, and enhanced cooperation. This is a vital part of our collective defence and we are all in this together.”

NATO’s 2022 Cyber Defence Pledge Conference is held in Rome at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on 9-10 November. The Conference is co-hosted by Italy and the United States with the support of NATO’s International Staff.

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