UN Security Council will NOT discuss Lachin Corridor today

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will not be convening today to discuss the ongoing protests around the Lachin Corridor, as claimed in Russian state news agency TASS’ report.

Citing “a source”, the agency claimed that “the UN Security Council will hold a meeting on Tuesday at Armenia’s request on the situation around its border with Azerbaijan”, but this information appears to be false. The UNSC President can call a meeting at the request of a member of the Security Council only, and Armenia is not a UNSC member.

The UNSC’s meeting agenda for 20 December does indeed mention Armenia, but only in relation to a letter from the country’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, addressing the Council’s President, regarding border clashes that took place between Azerbaijan and Armenia in September of this year. This letter has no connection to the current environmental protests in the Lachin Corridor.

The protests in the Lachin Corridor are being led by a group of Azerbaijani environmental activists, who are concerned about illegal mining and the contamination of small rivers in Karabakh as a result of these activities. The protesters are calling for action to be taken to address these issues, allow the inspectors to examine the current operations and protect the environment in the region.