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Putin: Russian Federation is interested in honest, productive and pragmatic interaction
Pakistan Foreign Minister: future of dialogue with India depends on New Delhi
Quad leaders will meet in Hiroshima
Ilham Aliyev: Armenia of Armenia forms new threats to region
G7 summit started in Hiroshima
Turkish archers made two bronze medals at tournament in PRC
Lavrov: Russia has increased level of relations with Turkey and other countries
India increased Russian oil imports by 10 times
Mexico police liberated 113 migrants from hands of people’s traders
Kuwait joined SCO in status of “dialog partner”
Lavrov: Zelensky does everything so that self -respecting countries do not communicate with Kiev
Luxurious Indian weddings in Antalya last 3 days and 3 nights
Astana and Beijing discussed cooperation in field of defense
Crisis around Ukraine increased deadlines of sea oil transmission
Moscow reported redirect 20% of oil supplies from Europe to Asia
Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan will create joint venture for development of transportation
Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China
Sholts will demand from India to give clear definition of war in Ukraine
India proposed not to call war in Ukraine war
Attacked Salman Rushdi will receive reward from Iranian Fund
Tour find in Azerbaijan is growing
Sea exercises of Russia and China off coast of South Africa. United States is unhappy
What will be built on site of Raja Kapoor mansion?
Italian prime minister can visit Kyiv
Pakistan on supply of weapons to Ukraine
India abandoned Russian diesel
Blinken will come to Turkey
US showed latest fifth generation fighter
Shugaev: Russia continues to fulfill obligations to export weapons
Pakistan sent to Kyiv more than 10 thousand shells for “grades”
Moscow and Hartum agreed to create military base in Port Sudan
In Azerbaijan, they began to read less: experts urge to change situation
US intelligence about “missions” of Chinese balloons
Why India buy cheap Russian oil
Iran threatened Pakistan
Foreign Ministry accused Iran of preventing adoption of applications for attack on embassy
It revealed from whom Armenians are waiting for help
Captain of Armenian army transmitted data on Indian technology
As result of explosion, Indian students suffered in Sabunchi
Richest man India was accused of major scam
Another top manager died in Russia 27 January
Secret papers found in house former vice president of United States
“Anti -Indian garbage”: India banned BBC film about Modi Premiere
Boris Johnson about likelihood of Moscow nuclear weapons
Hindu robbed fellow countryman in Baku for more than 10 thousand dollars
Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan was appointed
Population of China decreased for first time in 60 years
Armenia wants to replace Soviet air defense with Indian