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Japan offered to join aukus alliance
Vagit Alekperov fell under sanctions of Australia
NATO Allies agree to further strengthen and sustain support for Ukraine
Blinken and Stoltenberg discussed Ukraine and NATO summit
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of State to NATO Headquarters
NATO Secretary General previews meeting of Foreign Ministers
Paralympic champion Tatyana Mcfadden explains link
NATO Foreign Ministers to address President Putin’s war against Ukraine
Russia: can close access to Wikipedia
New Restrictions on Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh
Flabian CM-2022 Football: Spain against Germany, Iran vs. USA
Chemical Restraint Persists in Aged Care in Australia
New Director-General of International Labour Organization elected
Australia introduced sanctions against Lukashenko and his family members
Because of war in Ukraine in world, milk is becoming more expensive
Extreme Heat Threatens Lives in Australia
Japan requires a clear reaction from India to unleashed war in Ukraine
Human Rights Council Discusses Artificial Intelligence in Context of Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Importance of Farmers’
Azal discussed cooperation in civil aviation with Pakistan and Bulgaria
Australia introduced sanctions against 33 Russian businessmen and their family members
Human Rights Council Holds Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights Defenders
Failure to Administer Covid Vaccines in Fair and Equitable Manner is Prolonging Pandemic
NATO Secretary General welcomes Canada’s leading role in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Human Rights Council Marks International Women’s Day and Concludes Interactive Dialogue with High Commissioner on Situation of Human
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan and in Tigray Region of Ethiopia
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Nicaragua and in Sudan
Human Rights-Centred Multilateralism Needs to be Built and Vaccines Must be Acknowledged as Global Public Goods
Russia: approved a list of “unfriendly countries”
Key to convicting human traffickers
Human Rights Council holds separate interactive dialogues on human rights situations in Eritrea and in Sri Lanka
Food Price Index hit record high in February, UN agency reports
Human Rights Council Begins Urgent Debate on Situation of Human Rights in Ukraine Stemming from Russian Aggression
Council of Europe and European Commission organise regional cyber training for East and South-East European countries
Countries Request ICC War Crimes Inquiry in Ukraine
Statement on Situation in Ukraine: Receipt of Referrals from 39 States Parties and Opening of an Investigation
Australia introduced sanctions against Putin
Australia suspended broadcast of Syonyan canal
EU Needs to Enforce New Sanctions on Junta in Myanmar
50th manual monetary sign of Azerbaijan is recognized as “Best Banknote of World”
Japan and Australia impose sanctions against Russia
NATO Secretary General meets world leaders at Munich Security Conference
Australia will make Hamas to list of terrorist organizations
End Indefinite, Arbitrary Immigration Detention in Australia
Tens of countries have already recommended to leave Ukraine to their citizens
United Kingdom, Norway, Montenegro, Latvia also call on their citizens to leave Ukraine
Japan and United States will coordinate actions in Ukraine
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Nauru
More support needed for women and girls in super typhoon-ravaged Philippines