US Navy, Australia, Japan and India conduct joint military exercises

Ankara (AA) – Navy of the USA, Australia, Japan and India as part of a four -sided dialogue on security (QUAD) began on Friday to Malabar exercises, which will be held in the Sydney Bay and off the eastern coast of Australia, reports The Japan Times.

In maneuvers that will last until August 21, approximately 2 thousand people will take part. In the exercises, American, Australian and Japanese destroyers with controlled missile weapons, Indian frigate, as well as Australia Australia Air Force and P-8A Poseidon P-8A Poseidon Air Force.

During the exercises, the military will conduct combat firing, coordinate communication, work out the skills of using air defense and the fight against submarines, train in the transfer of goods by sea.

The commander of the seventh fleet of the US Navy Vice Admiral Karl Thomas assured that these exercises were not directed against any country, and their goal is to strengthen the operational compatibility between the armed forces of the four countries.