Australian killer attacked women

Joel Kauchi, who killed 6 people in a shopping center in Sydney (Australia), attacked women.

A policeman from the new South Wales Karen Webb told ABC News that she was “sure” that there were women of attacks with a knife on Saturday.

“It is completely clear to me and the detectives that the attacker chose women and stayed away from men,” webb said, adding that it is important for detectives to interview those who knew the attacker, because they do not know what was in his head.

Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Triple M radio that the only dead in the incident is the guard of Faraz Tahir, who tried to intervene in the actions of the attacker.

A member of the House of Australia, a former policeman, wrote on the social network X that the impressor was an “egregious hatred of women.”

on the video published by The Australian, the father of the attacker, Andrew Kauchi, said that his son suffers from a mental illness. When asked why his son could attack women, Kauchi replied: “He wanted to have a girl, he had no social skills, and he was not out of mind.”

The first diagnosis of mental illness of kauchi was made at the age of 17 years

The statement of the Queensland Police says that he was known for the police before, but has never been arrested or accusations of his native state of Queensland.

The police notes that Kauchi, who traveled for several years, first diagnosed a mental illness at the age of 17 years.


Six people died as a result of an attack with a knife in a shopping center in Sydney on Saturday.

The attacker was shot by police Amy Scott.

In connection with the attack on Monday, state flags in Australia are lowered up to half -machines.