First mosque and educational center associated with IGMG have opened in USA

The first mosque and the educational center associated with the organization “National Vision of the Islamic Community” (IGMG) was opened in the United States.

The mosque and the educational center that will function under the name “Hill Islamic Center” are open in the city of Ferfax in the American state of Virginia.

The opening ceremony was attended by IGMG head Kemal Ergun, officials of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, representatives of Turkish-American civil society organizations from various American states, as well as guests from Canada and Germany.

“We are not just opening the mosque to commit prayers, those who want to pray can do it on the street or at home. We have reasons for this,” said the head of IGMG Ergun, speaking at the opening.

According to him, IgMG mosque are centers of convergence of societies that are designed to educate parishioners to be full residents of “landing them, and not a burden.”

In turn, the head of HILAL ISLAMIC Center Halil Bulut said that the opening of the mosque is the result of “fruitful work.”

He noted that the opening of the Center took place with the support of the IGMG General Center in order to provide services to Muslims of the region.

In the mosque, it is planned to organize daily Iftars (conversation – an evening meal of Muslims during Ramazan) in the Holy for Muslims for the month of Ramazan, Bulut noted.

In the center, along with the mosque, classes are equipped where children can get acquainted with traditional cultural values.

IGMG organization originates in 1967. Today, IGMG is functioning in 40 regions of the world, including 11 countries of Western Europe, Balkans, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.