Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on September 13

in Turkey:

In Ankara, an event was held on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the independence of Tajikistan

Hakan Fidan held a telephone conversation with the Meds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia

Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the head of the Presidential Council of Libya

Erdogan: Our goal is to heal the wounds of Libya as soon as possible

In the north-west of Turkey, a grape bone was found age 3500

Libya is grateful to Turkey for the help against the backdrop of a natural disaster

The third plane flew to Libya with the help of Turkey

Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 4 terrorists in the north of Syria

Türkiye is in solidarity with Libya against the backdrop of strong floods

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine:

Estonia and Lithuania supported the EU recommendation for Russian cars

Putin: Those who provoke the Russian Federation to blow to the atomic objects of Ukraine “can bring to serious consequences”

Poland does not intend to take a ban on the import of grain from Ukraine

In the world:

Apple introduced the iPhone 15

Iraq directed Sweden’s request to extremist Salvan Momi

The head of the House of Representatives wants to support the investment on the impeachment of Biden

In the city of Skin in Libya, over 5.2 thousand people were killed as a result of floods

A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred in the Philippines

The number of victims of the earthquake in Morocco increased to 2,901

unicef: with an earthquake in Morocco, more than 100 thousand children could suffer

Flooding completely destroyed roads and bridges in the Libyan skein

In Libya, they called the catastrophic situation with healthcare in the disaster zone

Trump’s lawyers demanded the discharge of the judge in the case of the assault on the Capitol

In Britain, the unemployment rate has increased to 4.3%

10 people became victims of an armed attack in Nigeria

Libya requested international assistance to eliminate the consequences of flood

at least 20 people became victims of powerful showers in India

In South Korea, an Uzbek-Korean business forum took place

Other news of the region:

In the Volgograd region of Russia, the Su-24 aircraft crashed

Foreign Ministry: Kyrgyzstan decisively supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan expressed support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

Armenia Armed Forces fired at Azerbaijani positions

In Kazakhstan, the daily oil production fell sharply

Putin noted the importance of implementing large -scale projects in the Far East

Mirziyoyev approved the strategy “Uzbekistan-2030”

The Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Jaykhun Bayramov, met with the President of the ICRC

Baku: 3385 Azerbaijanis were victims of the Armenian mine war

Baku: Azerbaijan agreed to the simultaneous use of the Lachin road and the Agdam-Khandi road with the mediation of the ICKK

In Kyrgyzstan, the Forum of the Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia of the CIS

was opened in Kyrgyzstan.

Aircraft of the Ural Airlines made an emergency landing in the field

A truck with a gum of the Russian Red Cross left Agdam to Hankendi