Large -scale forest fires in Australia require evacuation of about 30 thousand

Australia authorities called on about 30 thousand inhabitants of the western part of the state Victoria to evacuate in connection with large -scale forest fires.

As the newspaper The Australian writes, uncontrolled forest fires in Australia reached a “catastrophic” scale.

Web Sit Vicemergency, which provides information about emergency situations, also spread a warning that the fire could cover new territories and block roads.

Large -scale forest fires covered the western part of the Australian state Victoria on February 22. The authorities said that as a result of the gust of wind, the flame spread to the northeast of the state, and the settlements of the region are in danger.

According to the authorities, from the day the fire began, more than 19,500 hectares of land have turned into ashes.

In turn, the Australian Meteorological Bureau reported that hot and windy weather was expected on February 28, and therefore the fire risks reaching a “catastrophic” scale.