International Assistance continues to enter affected by Libya

Since the strong flood in the east of the country, 70 aircraft and eight ships with humanitarian aid from various countries of the world have arrived in Libya.

This is stated in the message of the emergency group and rapid response under the government of national unity of Libya (PEN).

According to the statement, the help of the victims of the natural disaster sent a total of 24 states.

Only the Netherlands allocated 2 million euros (2.1 million dollars) a solution to food problems, medicines, housing and medical help.

The department added that Australia plans to provide assistance in the amount of $ 1 million, and South Korea allocated $ 2 million to the UN humanitarian efforts in Libya.

On September 10, the north-east of Libya attacked the powerful Daniel cyclone. He brought a storm wind and storms with thunderstorms located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Over 11 thousand people became victims of natural disaster, and more than 40 thousand were forced to leave their homes.