12p/pons-brooks comet, exceeding Everest in size, was seen in Australia

A resident of the Australian district of Derbishir, located in Melbourne, watched a 12p/pons-brooks comet from his roof, which exceeds Everest in size.

According to BBC, 58-year-old Paul Mason, looking at a comet called 12p/Pons-Brooks through the telescope, which he installed on the roof of his garage, said: “I will never see it again, I am glad that I recorded it “.

Australian National Space Agency (NSC) said that the 12p/Pons-Brooks comet, also known as the “Devil Comet”, which completes its orbit every 71 years, can be seen once or twice for an average human life.

Having indicated that the greatest brightness of the comet will be observed on April 21, the NSC noted that 12p/Pons-Brooks could become visible to the naked eye in the coming weeks.

Those who miss 12p/Pons-Brooks this year will have to wait until 2095 to see the giant comet again.

behind a giant comet, consisting of dust and ice, stretches the tail of bright green light caused by solar heating.

12p/pons-brooks is also classified as a “cryovulcanic comet” when heated and pressure breaks dust, gas and ice.

opened by Jean-Louis Poncz in 1812 and William Robert Brook in 1883, the 12p/Pons-Brooks comet is named after this duet of scientists.