Cyclone “Jasper” flooded several settlements in Australia

Due to the tropical cyclone “Jasper”, which fell on the state of Queensland in the northeast of Australia, several settlements are flooded.

According to ABC News with reference to representatives of the Queensland authorities, many settlements remained due to floods without electricity, including the cities of Innisfail and Kuktown, food supplies end.

After storm rains, some rivers left the channel, flooding residential buildings. Hundreds of Australians expect evacuation to safer areas, emphasizes in the message.

One local resident is listed in the lists of the missing. Search and rescue operations continue.

The former head of the municipality Desmond Tayli told ABC News that the authorities are serious in connection with the position of the elderly and persons with disabilities. According to him, crocodiles are a great danger to local residents.

Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albaniz assured that the victims of the natural disaster will be provided with financial assistance, those who have lost their work will receive a payment.

As a result of search and rescue operations, which were started immediately after flood, more than 300 people managed to evacuate from the region.

The head of the Queensland Police Katarina Carroll said that there have been no information about the dead or seriously wounded as a result of a natural disaster, but some residents are waiting for evacuation on the roofs of their houses.

It was previously reported that several aircraft flooded at Carns International Airport.