Heritage of great poet-mystical poet of Mevlana is of interest around world

The International Foundation of Mevlan seeks to talk about the heritage of the great poet-mystical Jalaladdin Rumi, better known as Mevlan, in all corners of the planet.

About this in an interview with an anadol correspondent was told by the deputy head of the Mevlan International Foundation, a direct descendant of Rumi in the 22nd generation of Esin Chelebi Bayra.

According to her, preparations for measures in connection with the 750th anniversary of the death of the Great Turkish and Islamic Sufi and the Theologian of the Mevlans, which will pass both Turkey and abroad, was carried out since 2022.

Celebi recalled that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced 2023 “The year of Mevlana.”

“We planned the Semazen show (spinning dervishes), panel discussions at universities, showing films and staging theatrical performances in Turkey and abroad. But, unfortunately, because of the February earthquakes, the implementation of the projects was suspended. And we went there only there where we were invited in advance, ”she says.

Chelebi says that representatives of the Fund visited the Netherlands, the USA and Australia, where they talked about the teachings of Mevlans.

And in three cities of Australia, the Semazen show was organized through the fund, Cheleby added.

According to her, an invitation from a Protestant university in the Netherlands was received. “There for the first time they worked on the project about the life of an influential person in Islam, and invited me as a speaker. She spoke about the life of Mevlans, about the teachings of Mevlevi and Semazen. In the Netherlands, an event was also organized in the Turkish cultural center” Institute of Yunus Emre. “And in the States and in the States For two weeks, every evening told different stories about the life of Mevlana. It was an almost two-hour event with questions and answers. And in July, they spent three weeks in Australia, ”she said.

Semazenov show in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisben, she emphasized.

Chelebi says that different events dedicated to the heritage of Mevlans and the teachings of Mevlevi were also held in Turkey, and guests with limited visual capabilities were especially impressed by conversations about the life of the great Sufi.

In addition, guests from China, Japan and other corners of the world have visited Turkey, which were told about the teachings of Mevlans.

“Mevlan does not need advertising. He sows the grain of unity all over the world. And our obligation to go and” pour “these grains, tell about his teaching. Those who can come here, who cannot go and tell there” – she said.

Celebi added that on May third, the fund organized an event on the occasion of the anniversary of the Mevlana and his family in Konya, and the 30th St. Sherbeti event on the occasion of the birthday of the great poet and mysticism.