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Ukraine reported shelling of Donetsk region
Zelensky will take part in forum “Ukraine
Ukraine signed bilateral security agreement with Italy
Zelensky: final of war should be one – “Victory”
Kyiv: 52 UN and EU countries called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine
Senator Chuck Schumer: Zelensky recognized risk of Kyiv’s defeat without US funding
Air Force of Ukraine destroyed A-50 A-50 Air Force of Russian Academy of Sciences
Ukraine and Denmark signed security agreement
Biden announced decision to introduce more than 500 new sanctions against Russia
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Any unfriendly shares on part of West will receive an adequate answer
Prime Minister of Estonia: Caring around world can be expressed in one word “war”
Hakan Fidan met with colleagues from Saudi Arabia and France
New Zealand announced help package for Ukraine in amount of $ 16 million
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported control of village of Victory
In Kyiv, they discussed preparation of bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and Italy
Gas consumption in Europe in 2023 fell to lowest in 10 years
Pentagon called on US Congress to approve financial assistance to Ukraine
Lithuanian Ministry of Defense: new types of support may be provided to Kyiv in near future
FSB detained citizen of Russia and US
Turkish weightlifter won bronze at European Championship
Estonian Prime Minister called for new solutions to support Kyiv
Red Cross: During conflict of Russian Federation and Ukraine, 23 thousand disappeared
Denmark intends to transfer all its artillery to Ukraine
Elected president of Finland called for continuation of Ukraine’s support
Estonian Ministry of Defense: delays in Kyiv’s help are becoming more dangerous
Bryansk region of Russian Federation reported interception of two aircraft -type UAV per day
Japan will allocate $ 106 million for restoration of Ukraine
Minister of Defense of Russian Federation Shoigu reported Putin to take control of Avdeevka
NATO Secretary General stated uselessness of creation of pan -European nuclear arsenal
Zelensky: decision to withdraw Armed Forces of Ukraine from Avdeevka is made to avoid loss
NATO allies plan to transfer 1 million UAVs to Ukraine
President of Ukraine signed law on legalization of medical cannabis
Russia announced interception of 5 UAVs, and in Ukraine – about regional missile shelling
Authorities of Belgorod region of Russian Federation reported death of five people during shelling
Russia announced “group strike” on Khliovy of Ukraine, and in Kyiv – large-scale attack
Hakan Fidan: EU must think strategically and put an end to policy of identity in his approach to Turkey
NATO defense ministers gathered in Brussels
Turkish exporters of decorative plants strive for further growth in Russian market
In Kyiv, they said goodbye to German physician who died at front
RF Ambassador: Vatican wants peace for Russia and Ukraine
In Armed Forces of Ukraine, they assessed situation at front line as complex
Councils of Russian Federation: US Departure from Minsk process led to systemic confrontation with Moscow
Prime Minister of Armenia: Yerevan does not discuss possibility of joining NATO
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: Armed Forces for week inflicted more than 30 high -precision strokes to facilities of KVP of Ukraine
Zakharova: Russian Federation will harshly respond to any attempts to deprive her of ownership of reserves
Stoltenberg: Allies should strengthen support of Ukraine
Russia reported interception of Ukrainian UAVs over Bryansk region
Head of Belgorod region of Russian Federation reported five victims as result of shelling