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EU special representative for sanctions will visit Kazakhstan
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Product removal of products from Ukraine
Zelensky will take part in NATO summit in Vilnius – Stoltenberg
Peskov rejected accusations of Moscow’s intervention in internal affairs of Germany
USA: NATO since beginning of war has provided military assistance to Ukraine in amount of $ 55 billion
Putin: trend for multipolarness will grow
Stoltenberg: place of Ukraine is rightfully in NATO
Chavushoglu: Türkiye will not refuse balanced foreign policy
Stoltenberg invited Zelensky to take part in NATO summit
EU makes efforts to continue import of Ukrainian grain
UN provided Ukrainian assistance in amount of $ 200 million
Chavushoglu and Kuleb discussed development of events in Ukraine
Patriot air defense systems from USA, Netherlands and Germany arrived in Ukraine
European Parliament urged to begin by end of year negotiations on entry of Moldova to EU
Moscow: actions of Kyiv “convincingly” confirm its incompetence
EU is working on return of Ukrainian children who were taken out by Russian Federation – Yurov
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine discussed topic of grain transaction in Turkey
Kuwait allocated financial assistance to energy sector of Ukraine
Türkiye and Ukraine discussed grain corridor
Lukashenko met with leader of separatists of Donetsk region of Ukraine
Medvedev: G7 are hypocritical in call to confirm inadmissibility of nuclear war
Lavrov: Russian Federation is interested in speedy end of war in Ukraine
Head of mininfrastructure of Ukraine goes to Turkey
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Moscow alone confronts “military-industrial conglomerate” of NATO and Ukraine
Zakharova: Ukraine needs Poland only as “instrument of anti -Russian policy”
Ukraine: War continues on Easter
Türkiye will help to build school for children of Turks Ahhysk in Bishkek
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on April 16
Cabinet of Council of Poland temporarily banned import of Ukrainian grain
Export of citrus fruits from Turkey over three months increased by 12%
Vienna discussed ways to deepen cooperation of Turkey and Austria
Medvedev: As soon as Western financing ends, Ukraine itself will end
Borrel said that European Union is not afraid of rise of China
Patrushev: Anglo -Saxons are calling for provocations in North Caucasus
Poland asks for US interference in issue of supplies of Korean ammunition to Ukraine
FSB: There are Pentagon and NATO behind cyber attacks from Ukraine against Russian Federation
In Poland, they honor memory of victims of Katyn tragedy
Foreign Minister of Ukraine: It’s time to turn Black Sea into NATO Sea
Moscow talked about “systemic problems” of grain transaction
Zakharova: London “will not get away” supply to Kyiv ammunition with implements uranium
Prospects for the Azerbaijan-Turkey-Balkan Region Cooperation Format
Russian ambassador is threatening
Commander -in -Chief of Armed Forces promises to return Mariupol this year
Prigozhin suggested “catching, teaching and sending” to war son -in -law Shoigu
Commander of ground forces of Ukraine came to Bakhmut
Participants of meeting of G20 in India did not agree because of Russia and China
Sholts will demand from India to give clear definition of war in Ukraine
Macron urged China to put pressure on Russia