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Zakharova: West cannot allow Russian Federation to win in Ukraine due to US ambitions to be hegemon
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation: 11 UAVs were intercepted over Rostov region
Russian Ministry of Defense reported large-scale attack on Belgorod and annexed Sevastopol
President of Russian Federation stated what happened in suburbs “Bloody terrorist attack”
US Foreign Ministry called on United States to remember how they linked terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall with DeASh
FSB of Russian Federation: terrorists who participated in Crocus City City City intended to cross Russian-Ukrainian border
USA: There are no signs of Ukraine’s involvement in attack in Crocus City Hall near Moscow
Zakharova: White House does not have right to give out to someone indulgences
EU leaders agreed to transfer profit from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine
NATO: Ukraine needs additional mobilization
Paris refused to comment on information about presence of military in Ukraine
Head of Euro -Diplomacy proposed using frozen assets of Russian Federation to support Ukraine
Ukraine reported missile strike on Kharkov
Speaker of Parliament of Moldova: Cooperation of Chisinau and Kyiv is best example for European Union
Kremlin considered Macron “very consistent” in thesis of sending of troops to Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 13 jet shells over Belgorod region
Foreign Minister of Turkey will take part in first summit on atomic energy in Brussels
IOC did not allow athletes from Russian Federation and Belarus to delegation parade at opening of Olympics-2024
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 5 UAVs over Belgorod and Saratov regions
NATO Secretary General called on Baku and Yerevan to take opportunity to establish durable world
Lithuania was called to start negotiations on European integration of Ukraine as soon as possible
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported on suppression of attempts to penetrate saboteurs into country
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Macron contradicts itself
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported interception of 35 UAVs overnight
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported on suppression of “attempts to penetrate” in areas bordering with Ukraine
Foreign Ministry: Türkiye is committed to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine
Italy: sending NATO troops to Ukraine will mean Third World War
UN General Assembly adopted draft resolution on fight against Islamophobia
Vladimir Putin: Kyiv will not be able to prevent elections in Russian Federation
Kremlin connected frequent attacks in regions of Russian Federation with an attempt to “throw shadow” to polls
Lithuanian President: Victory of Ukraine is only scenario of long -term world in Europe
Russia reported next “breakdown of breakthrough” in Belgorod region
Macron: war is already in Europe
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 7 rockets over Belgorod region
Olaf Sholts and Vladimir Zelensky discussed situation in Ukraine
European Parliament approved decision to extend liberalization of trade with Moldova for year
President of Belarus: World Orthodoxy is going through difficult times
Ex-President of Russian Federation proposed alternative to Kyiv “Formula of World”
Borrel announced need to take measures against residents of Gaza
Foreign Ministry of Ukraine: Kyiv condemns “attempts to interferes” of Russian Federation in internal affairs of Moldova
In Russia, they consider an encroachment on their sovereignty statements with calls for return of ZASS to Ukraine
United States allocated 300 million dollars of “Extraordinary Military Assistance” to Ukraine
President of Ukraine: French army has no reason to fight while Kyiv is firmly opposed to Russian Federation
State Duma of Russian Federation called for Bundestag to investigate participation of German military in hostilities in Ukraine
Russia and Ukraine reported attacks using UAVs and missiles
Ukraine builds 2 thousand kilometers of three -lane fortifications
Kursk region of Russian Federation reported death of local resident as result of shelling
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Estonia authorities “in manic Russophobia take an example from Nazis”