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Afghanistan: Child pneumonia, malnutrition spikes as families face impossible choice: eat or heat
Ukraine: We must help victims of sexual violence by Russian soldiers
Zelensky’s office turned to supporters of negotiations with Russia: get rid of illusions
Hungary to help Ukraine
Russia accumulates chemical weapons reserves
American analysts: Kremlin is trying to confuse West
Sholts: Russia must stop killing
Relentless, widespread attacks against civilians and critical infrastructure continuing across Ukraine
Lukashenko is sure that CSTO “does not collapse”
“Damage specially caused by Russia”: in Moldova they announced dangerous situation
USA is concerned: Russia can use chemical weapons in Ukraine
President Pase warned “leaders in Kremlin”
Zelensky made weekly shutdown of light
Great Britain about dialogue with Russia
After Russian strokes, Ukraine turned off all nuclear power plants
Bloomberg: to limit price of Russian oil is inefficiently
European Parliament demanded to recognize Chechen regiment “North” by terrorist
Biden will send to Ukraine ammunition and air defense
Pope compared blows to Ukraine with Holodomor of 1930s
Moldova called Russia’s ambassador due to disconnecting light
IMF Staff Completes 2022 Article IV Mission to and Reaches Staff-Level Agreement with Guinea on Financial Assistance through Food
IMF and Ukrainian Authorities Reach Staff Level Agreement on Program Monitoring with Board Involvement
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Republic of San Marino
Ukraine: emergency shutdown of power units of nuclear power plants
Kyiv, Lviv and Nikolaev without light
European Parliament told Russia to Sponsor of Terrorism
Statements of Russian expert caused scandal in Kazakhstan
In Kiev Pechersk Lavra, pro-Russian literature, people with passports of USSR and dollars were found
ISW: Russia is preparing an attack on Belgorod
Gas prices in Europe jumped after statements of Gazprom
In Ukraine, they can prohibit Russian Orthodox Church
General Director of Magate and head of Rosatom met in Istanbul
Johnson explained proposal of Germany to Ukraine to surrender
Turkey handed over to Ukraine rocket systems
Kyrgyzstan: commander of Ukrainian battalion “Turan” started case
Road from Crimea under control of Himars
CIA is looking for Russian agents
IMF Approves Paraguay’s Policy Coordination Instrument
European Union is preparing measures to go around anti -Russian sanctions
Human Rights Watch Briefing Note for Twenty-First Session of International Criminal Court Assembly of States Parties
Senators ask Biden to give Ukraine Grey Eagle
Sholts called for strengthening army and getting rid of energy dependence
World Bank Mobilizes Additional $4.5 billion for Ongoing Assistance to Ukraine
IMF Approves SDR 406.87 million Precautionary and Liquidity Line for North Macedonia
EU listed next tranche of help to Ukraine
Ukraine almost de -fucked Nikolaev region
Orban about his scandalous scarf
IMF said main negative factor for global economy in 2023