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New Minister of Defense of Ukraine is appointed Rustem Umarov
US Congress approved sale of Apache Helicopters Poland
US Secretary of State went to Kyiv
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported repelment of attack of UAV over Bryansk
Hakan Fidan held telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General
Russia’s income from sale of oil and natural gas this year decreased by 38%
EU trade volumes with Russia are reduced
UN: main attention is paid to revival of Black Sea Grain Initiative
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 3
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported interception of Ukrainian drone over Belgorod region
Black Sea Grain Initiative is safest and most low -budget route
Security Council of Ukraine brought businessman Kolomoisky accusations of fraud and legalization of property
Ukraine and United States discussed creation of working groups to develop proposals for implementation of “Formula of World”
Russia, Belarus and Iran are again invited to Nobel Prize ceremony
UN was called to sustainable agreement on grain corridor
Zakharova: Western leaders “interfere with work of all members” G20
EU imports record amount of LNG from Russia
Lavrov: West course is fraught with new confrontation situations
Zelensky says ready to run for second term
Lavrov: We will return to grain agreement when our conditions are met
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Russia will discuss number of topical issues of agenda
Foreign Minister of China and Britain discussed war in Ukraine
Zakharova: Russia lives, develops and goes forward
FSB announced suppression of series of terrorist attacks in Bryansk region of Russian Federation
Authorities of Moscow announced reflection of attack of UAV
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 31
Central Asian countries: new locomotive for development of Asian region
Zakharova commented on attack of UAVs on regions of Russian Federation
For first time in five years, Foreign Minister of Britain will visit China
United States has allocated new military assistance to Ukraine for $ 250 million
Zakharova announced negotiations between heads of Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation and Turkey in Moscow
FSB accused ex-employee of US Consulate General of Spying
Zelensky will invite Rada to equate corruption with Stateizer
Russia reported destruction of drones in number of regions
Medvedev: US President Joe Biden became hostage of Ukraine
Hakan Fidan in Kyiv met with leaders of Crimean Tatar Turkic community
Alternative markets are becoming increasingly important for Russia
Fidan: We continue efforts to resume Black Sea Grain Initiative
Lukashenko: Prigozhin never asked for security guarantees
Foreign Minister of Turkey arrived in Kyiv
Court in Moscow extended term of detention Daria Trepova
FSB announced involvement of Ukrainian special services in arson of objects in Russian Federation
Volodin: Boomerang sanctions hit their initiators – EU and USA
UN: total number of dead on both sides in Ukraine reaches half million people
October: Pentagon will begin training Ukrainian pilots F-16 management in United States
September: Pentagon will begin training Ukrainian pilots F-16 management in United States
United States has imposed new sanctions against Russia
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation announced strike at decision center of Armed Forces of Ukraine