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Finland arrested hundreds of Russian freight cars
State Duma: Ukraine leads to fact that Russian troops do not stop at borders of “LPR” and “DPR”
Shoigu said that conscripts were not sent to Ukraine
IMF Staff to Visit Ghana
Kremlin answered whether Putin was going to Donbass
Bloomberg: Gas price has taken off by 700%, economies are facing a recession
Ukraine’s full recovery must be underpinned by good governance and European values, says Secretary General
Despite sanctions: Russian oil supplies to China are ongoing
USA and China discussed situation with world economy
Azerbaijani family died in Ukrainian Svyatogorsk
Kazakhstan on detention of a Russian vessel with grain: “There should be no consequences for us”
Russian regions border with Ukraine reported shelling
New York Times: It is difficult for Ukrainians, how much more can they hold out?
Western experts on capture of Russians of Lisichansk: a tactical victory achieved by a huge price
Japan imposes new sanctions against Russia
Azerbaijan sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Turkey is investigating origin of grain on a detained Russian ship
Rights Agenda for Macron’s Second Term in France
Antyvtovich confirmed warehouse blow in Donbass
Boris Johnson: Ukraine must end war on its conditions
Human Rights Council Adopts Universal Periodic Review Outcomes of Republic of Moldova, South Sudan, Haiti and Sudan
Trump: There would be no war in Ukraine with me
Ukraine accused Russia of shelling Kramatorsk and Bakhmut
Zelensky explained vision of restoration of Ukraine
Direct losses of infrastructure of Ukraine from war exceeded $ 100 billion
Chinese Airlines about losses due to anti-Russian sanctions
Civilian casualty update 4 July 2022: Ukraine
On island of snake raised flag of Ukraine
Venezuela supported “military operation” of Russia in Ukraine
Medvedev: Our European “friends” demolished roof from sight of someone else’s blood
Drone threw a bomb on a private house in Kursk: an officer of Ministry of Internal Affairs suffered
United States demanded that Beijing stop “broadcast Russian propaganda”
NATO welcomes new Supreme Allied Commander Europe
About 1,500 drones and 4,000 tanks: Russian Ministry of Defense about losses of Ukraine
Kissinger: They misunderstood me. I did not say that territory should be given
Pope hopes to visit Moscow and Kyiv
Chavushoglu: “Russia will not interfere with Turkey’s operations in Syria”
Leader of parliamentary faction of Latvia in an interview with Baltic states are preparing for war with Russia
Iran has to reduce oil price because of Russia
Chief intelligence officer of Ukraine suggested when and how war will end
German President announced beginning of New AD after war in Ukraine
London wants to transfer frozen Russian assets to Kyiv
Times: “Ukraine needs not white flags, but more weapons”
Caribbean is ‘ground zero’ for global climate emergency: Guterres
Scholz about critics of Germany: yesterday they read Google, and now they know what to do
African Heads of State to Convene to Champion Strong Start to IDA20 Implementation for Robust Recovery
Lithuania told whether country is ready to attack Russia
White House: Time for negotiations of Russia and Ukraine has not yet come