All azerbaijan news and updates

Burdur was held in sports orientation championship of Heydar Aliyev
Baku: 299 people have become victims in Azerbaijan since 2020
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and Armenia held negotiations in United States
Resident of Azerbaijan was blown up by mine laid by Armenian forces
Erdogan: Turkey authorities are aimed at eliminating consequences of disaster
Heads of Foreign Ministry of Armenia and Azerbaijan will hold negotiations in United States
Baku: condolences were expressed in connection with death of military in an accident in Turkey
Leader of Gagauzia will determine second round of elections
Blinken conducted telephone conversations with Aliyev and Pashinyan
Winner of stage of Grand Prix “Formula 1” in Bako became Sergio Perez
Azerbaijanian Minister of Economics Sit behind wheel Togg
Azerbaijan Foreign Minister went on working visit to United States
For first time, spectacular show of drones took place in Baku
Between Turkey and Azerbaijan signed preferential trade agreement
Istanbul: meeting of leaders of Turkey and Azerbaijan took place
Ilham Aliyev: Türkiye plays special role in unification of Turkic world
Turkish President introduced first cosmonauts of country
Ilham Aliyev: Türkiye is guarantor of peace and stability in region
Erdogan: Teknofest festival has turned into an international brand
Ilham Aliyev: Turkey is guarantor of peace and stability in our region
Leaders of Turkey and Azerbaijan arrived at Teknofest festival in Istanbul
Azerbaijan President arrived on working visit to Istanbul
Charles Lecler won qualifications of Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Formula-1
Baku answered claims of Foreign Minister of France
Stage of Grand Prix of Azerbaijan “Formula 1” takes place in Baku
President of Azerbaijan awarded distinguished Turkish athletes in Yerevan
Heads of parliaments of Turkey and Azerbaijan signed protocol
Bayramov: Baku expects from Yerevan to return to negotiation process
Moscow: USA and EU failed an application for an honest broker between Baku and Yerevan
Grand Prix of Azerbaijan “Formula 1” starts in Baku
Ankara condemned discovery of monument “Nemesis” in Armenia
New commander of Russian contingent in Karabakh was appointed
Baku: position of Yerevan prevents normalization between Azerbaijan and Armenia
TEKNOFEST Festival: An incentive for development of science and technology
At beginning of Lachin-Khankendi road, flag of Azerbaijan is raised at beginning of road
Turkic countries discussed prospects for cooperation on space research
Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan plans to start gas supply to Hungary and Slovakia
Barlas: Armenians’ statements in 1915 – largest lie of XX century
Azerbaijani President arrived on working visit to Bulgaria
International Court suspended consideration of main claim of Armenia against Azerbaijan
Baku and Tbilisi deepen defense cooperation
Baku said statements of Paris on Lachinsky road unreasonable
Aliyev: relations between Baku and Tbilisi are developing in defense sector
Turkish fighters at European Championship won 17 medals
Baku was celebrated on April 23 – day of national unity and children
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Creating checkpoint on border with Armenia will ensure movement safety
Azerbaijan installed border checkpoint on border with Armenia
Baku: Armenia, violating tripartite statement, is building checkpoint at entrance to Lachinsky road