All azerbaijan news and updates

Jayhun Bayramov: Azerbaijan wants normal relations with neighbors
Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan: Some warnings are aggressively perceived in social networks
Fake -haired munitions were detained in Baku
Citizens accepted for military registration will be checked for drugs
Blogger-pantyurkist fell on network of an drug trafficking from Iran
Two extnsants are deported from Moldova to Azerbaijan
Two Azerbaijani chess players entered top three at Olympics
Gurban Gurbanov after a triumph in Hungary: “I tactically outplayed Cherchesov? There can be no talk of this”
Aliyev and Erdogan met in Kong
Opening ceremony of Islamic solidarity games in Kong
Ilham Aliyev at dinner of heads of states in Turkey
And Moldovans told about successes of agency Dost
563 new Covid-19 patients in Azerbaijan
Iranian and Russian sailors were welcomed in Baku
Bayramov: Armenia inhibits opening of communications
Jayhun Bayramov: Azerbaijan is waiting for guarantees from UK
Islamiada: Azerbaijani Taekwondist won bronze
Champions League: “Karabakh” in Budapest against “Ferencvarosh”
Moody’s raised ABB bank ratings
Another 700 disabled war in Azerbaijan will receive a one -time payment
Investigation in case of Samir Ashurova ended
Ismailov, who killed his uncle with a rake, is judged in Baku
Ministry of Internal Affairs about a woman outstanding herself in Tik-Tok for a soldier
Islamiada: Azerbaijan defeated Sudan and Bangladesh
Ilham Aliyev arrived in Turkey
Baku: after 18 years, murderers of Rachili Jalilova and her granddaughters are judged
Representative Təbi̇b: In fall, certain quarantine measures can be applied
Azerbaijani doctors pulled a seven -year -old child out of coma
UN Committee reviews anti-discrimination efforts underway
A coordination center for organs and transplantation has been created in Azerbaijan
Islamiada: Azerbaijan beat Senegal and lost Saudi Arabia
Jayhun Bayramov: Turkey and Azerbaijan have many more goals
Azerbaijani’s government agencies were subjected to large -scale cyberataka
Premier League: Big Football returned to Tovuz
First gold of Azerbaijan on Islamiad in Turkey
Prosecutor General’s Office is unhappy with a court decision
Neftechi signed another Georgian football player
Prosecutor General’s Office started cases against entrepreneurs
121 New Covid-19 in Azerbaijan
Prosecutor General warned fake distributors
Farid Haibes about Islamiad and a decrease in number of legionnaires in national teams of Azerbaijan
Erdogan: South Caucasus will soon gain stability
Erdogan: Armed Forces of Azerbaijan put an end to injustice
Belarus began to supply cargo to Azerbaijan with accelerated trains
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination Opens One Hundred and Seventh Session in Geneva
Azerbaijan has increased gas production
Bolt Azerbaijan found guilty of monopolization
Sakhil Babaev and Farid Gaibov met with boxers