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Oldest man of country died in Japan
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan met with US Secretary of State Blinken
Headquarters of NATO celebrated 75th anniversary of Alliance
Mine problem prevents restoration of liberated territories of Azerbaijan
Kuleba: Providing Patriot systems will become main message at meeting in Brussels
Belgium is ready to complete negotiation base to enter Moldova in EU until July 1
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will conduct joint exercises
Number of evacuated residents of Kazakhstan from flood regions approached 19 thousand
Japanese WA-LEAGUE group will make concert in Ankara April 5
Ministry of Emergencies of Russian Federation: active phase of development of spring flood is observed in 34 regions
Ilham Aliyev: political relations of Azerbaijan and Congo will strengthen even more
Turkish electric car Togg Among best -selling cars
Dushanbe discussed main directions of cooperation between Turkmenistan and Tajikistan
Ministry of Defense of Turkey congratulated NATO on 75th anniversary
Zakharova: Atomic energy should remain outside political situation
Oldest panda died in Japan
Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation reported destruction of 5 UAVs over two regions
Japan: 16 people were injured in Japan on lightning football field of lyceum
In northeast of Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred
Sergey Shoigu: Russia has information about Ukrainian trace of organizing terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall
12p/pons-brooks comet, exceeding Everest in size, was seen in Australia
Azerbaijan’s cooperation with regions of Russian Federation was discussed in Baku
France published pictures with most clear image of human brain
Kremlin said Uzurpation of right to sports “the desire of IOC to prevent sporting events in Russian Federation
Patrushev urged to condemn terrorism and actions of “indulgencing” countries to him
Türkiye makes efforts to mine Black Sea
Enlightenment of Turkey organized Iftar program in Tunisia
Botswana threatened to send 20 thousand elephants to Germany
Delegation of military industry of Turkey was visited by Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry: It is unacceptable for French side to accuse Azerbaijan of aggressive rhetoric
Azerbaijan President adopted delegation of leaders of defense industry of Turkey
Estonian Prime Minister Kallas can become new NATO Secretary General
Director of SVR of Russian Federation told “ugly and criminal step” blow to Iranian consulate in Syria
Shoigu: Armed Forces of Russian Federation “asymmetrically” react to actions from Kyiv
Josep Borrel: “Fortunately, we are not at war and we will not”
United States and Jordan dropped another batch of food to residents of North Gaz
West Kazakhstan region said State of Emergency due to floods
US Air Force, South Korea and Japan conducted joint exercises
Finland: one of schools took place, there are victims
Hakan Fidan will take part in summit of heads of NATO Foreign Ministry
President of Uzbekistan adopted Minister of Public Security of China
Turkish Air Force liquidated 6 RSC terrorists in Iraq
Tokyo and Seoul reported start of ballistic missile from DPRK
UAVs attacked enterprises in Tatarstan, there are victims
President of Moldova discussed with representative of United States restoration of Ukraine
Baku reported shelling of territories of Azerbaijan from Armenian side
Russia: during collapse of breed in mine, one worker died
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Qatar exchanged views on international issues