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Istanbul: work of Electronic commerce exhibition WorldEF ISTANBUL 2024 continues
Two PKK terrorists are neutralized in north of Iraq 7 June
Türkiye continues training of Somali military
Turkey: at end of 2023, 48,733 libraries operate
Employees of Akkui NPP took part in Akkui NPP project – clean “
At exercises “Caucasian Eagle – 2024”, attacks on strategic objects of enemy were worked out
President of Azerbaijan: at least three EU countries said Cold War to Azerbaijan
Shavkat Mirziyev awarded State Order of Turkey
Joint exercises “Caucasian eagle – 2024” continue
Ankar took place in Ankar’s official meeting of President of Uzbekistan
PKK/YPG terrorists postponed holding of so -called “local elections” in Syria
Turkish Armed Forces in week neutralized 59 terrorists
PKK/YPG terrorists postponed holding of “local elections” in Syria
Istanbul: an exhibition of e -commerce WorldEF started
Chairmanship in Turkpa passed to Azerbaijan
Hakan Fidan visited tomb of Yusuf Khas Najib and Ideg Mosque in Chinese city of Kashgar
Turkish President: Solving environmental problems requires international cooperation
Volume of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey decreased by 2.4% in 2022
In New York, influence of US missionaries on formation of Armenian nationalism was discussed
Baghdad and Ankara continue negotiations on problem of RSC
Istanbul: on June 6, VI festival of culture of ethno -sports starts
Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns decision of Uruguay Parliament on recognition of 1915 events “by genocide
President Erdogan: Türkiye entered elite of space powers
Imam of mosque in Turkish Khatai performs melodies on nae for visitors
Türkiye and Azerbaijan are successfully developing energy -labor work
Istanbul: an exhibition of e -commerce WorldEF starts
Azerbaijani-Turkish cooperation was discussed in Baku
Production of seafood in Turkey in 2023 increased by 18.6%
Azerbaijan: joint exercises “Caucasian eagle ─ 2024” will start
Agreement on supply of natural gas between Azerbaijan and Turkey is extended until end of 2030
Foreign Minister of Turkey: Ankara and Beijing can contribute to global and regional stability
Foreign Minister of Turkey: Ankara and Beijing will contribute to global and regional stability
Foreign Minister of Turkey met with vice-chairman of PRC
Foreign Minister of Turkey met with representative of Communist Party of PRC
Foreign Minister of Turkey explained relationship of Ankara and Beijing
Since 2018, 7,824 illegally exported artifact have been returned to Turkey since 2018
Turkish Foreign Minister will visit China on June 3-5
Ministry of Defense of Turkey congratulated Air Force on 113th anniversary of creation
President Erdogan held negotiations with Prime Minister of Libya
Prime Minister Kosovo Albin Curty visited Mausoleum Ataturk
Türkiye continues to fight financing of terrorism
President Erdogan wished success of Hungary in presidency in EU
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Netherlands met in Prague
India: World Cup among juniors of 2024 will be held in India
Turkey’s economy increased by 5.7% in first quarter
Uzbek-Chinese Textile Forum was held in Tashkent
Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean awarded project “Zero waste”
NATO Foreign Minister will gather in Prague to discuss topic of Ukraine