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Foreign Minister of Turkey: Ankara and Beijing can contribute to global and regional stability
Foreign Minister of Turkey: Ankara and Beijing will contribute to global and regional stability
Foreign Minister of Turkey met with vice-chairman of PRC
Foreign Minister of Turkey met with representative of Communist Party of PRC
Foreign Minister of Turkey explained relationship of Ankara and Beijing
Since 2018, 7,824 illegally exported artifact have been returned to Turkey since 2018
Turkish Foreign Minister will visit China on June 3-5
Ministry of Defense of Turkey congratulated Air Force on 113th anniversary of creation
President Erdogan held negotiations with Prime Minister of Libya
Prime Minister Kosovo Albin Curty visited Mausoleum Ataturk
Türkiye continues to fight financing of terrorism
President Erdogan wished success of Hungary in presidency in EU
Foreign Minister of Turkey and Netherlands met in Prague
India: World Cup among juniors of 2024 will be held in India
Turkey’s economy increased by 5.7% in first quarter
Uzbek-Chinese Textile Forum was held in Tashkent
Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean awarded project “Zero waste”
NATO Foreign Minister will gather in Prague to discuss topic of Ukraine
Soldiers of armies of Azerbaijan, USA and Great Britain shared their impressions of participation in exercises of EFES-2024
First floating SES of Turkey will be commissioned in June
Türkiye rose to 11th place in ranking of countries with highest installed power of renewal
Erdogan: conquest of Istanbul is among greatest triumphs in world history
Türkiye and Tajikistan discussed cooperation in mining industry
Sherali Kabir: We want to completely integrate and unite economies of Tajikistan and Turkey
“Galatasaray” was one of most titled clubs in Europe
Istanbul continues to beat attendance records
Foreign Minister of Turkey: RKK terrorists threaten public order of EU countries
EU will allocate 1 billion euros to support Syrians and communities taking them in Turkey
Hakan Fidan met with President of World Union of Turks Akhysk Kassanov
Cambodia Foreign Minister will visit Turkey on visit
In area of “Euphrates Shield” in north of Syria, 3 terrorist of RSC/YPG are neutralized
Havelsan seeks to increase effectiveness of his work in African market
Azerbaijan: interest in paraplanerism is growing
Turkish Foreign Ministry congratulated inhabitants of African continent on Africa Day
Erdogan: Türkiye is proud of progress of Azerbaijan in region and nearest geography
Head of Ministry of Defense of Turkey watched course of exercises EFES-2024
First cargo train arrived in Turkey on modernized route of railway line
July: new field of natural gas can be opened in Black Sea
Turkish Armed Forces neutralized 10 terrorists in Iraq and Syria
Countdown began before opening of World EXTANBUL 2024 exhibition
Turkish athlete reached final of World Cup Pyatillus
Turkish-German cooperation discussed issues in Berlin
Over past week, 48 terrorists have been neutralized in Northern Iraq and northern Syria
Turkish Vice President Jilmaz accepted EU Commissioner on proximity and expansion of Varheli
Central Bank of Turkey retained rate at level of 50% per annum
Oliver Varheli: Türkiye is fifth largest trading partner of EU
Turkish UAVs protect sky almost 40 countries
First unmanned helicopter of Turkey Alpi̇n will be able to land on sea vessels