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Japan approved a plan for drain of radioactive water into sea
Japan and United States promised to “restrain” China
North Korea about surge of fever against background of Covid crisis
North Korea loses to Covid-19
WHO ‘concerned’ over Covid outbreak in DPR Korea, reiterates full support
Europe saw in Israeli gas an alternative to Russian
In North Korea, they cannot cope with “unknown fever”: Kim Jong -un accuses officials
‘I rescued over 1000 trafficking victims’
350 thousand people affected: in North Korea there is also an outbreak of “unknown fever”
WHO ready to support DPR Korea battle Covid infections
United States accused North Korea of preparing a nuclear test
Euromillions will play a huge jackpot of € 215 million. How to take part from Azerbaijan
Saudi Arabia reduced oil prices
Champion of women’s right to manage land and forests wins top environment prize
United States will respond to provocation by DPRK
Natural resources must be ‘part of solution’ in fight against deforestation
Putin introduces counter -sanctions
Chair’s Statement: Forty-Fifth Meeting of IMFC
US learn possibility of including Russia to list of “sponsors of terrorism”
North Korea experienced a new tactical weapon
Chair of Military Committee visits Republic of Korea
Zelensky: Tens of thousands of people died in Mariupol
Zelensky: Russian soldiers, trapped in poverty, exported everything from Ukraine, representing any value
In South Korea, a helicopter crashed, there are dead
NATO Allies agree to further strengthen and sustain support for Ukraine
Blinken and Stoltenberg discussed Ukraine and NATO summit
Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of State to NATO Headquarters
NATO Secretary General previews meeting of Foreign Ministers
What can UN do? 5 of your questions answered
NATO Foreign Ministers to address President Putin’s war against Ukraine
Lithuania completely refused to supply Russian gas
UN’s rights council adopts ‘fake news’ resolution, States urged to take tackle hate speech
Flabian CM-2022 Football: Spain against Germany, Iran vs. USA
Two military aircraft collided in South Korea: there are dead
“Something like North Korea”: Ex-Prime Minister of Sweden warned Ukraine
Alarming decline in labour productivity growth in Arab States – but policy reforms can fuel recovery
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Republic of Korea
South Korea believes that Kim Jong Yun is preparing for nuclear weapons testing
Call for unity in Security Council over latest DPR Korea missile test
New Director-General of International Labour Organization elected
DPRK experienced its biggest rocket
Armed Forces Day Spotlights Atrocities in Myanmar
Guterres strongly condemns DPR Korea long-range ballistic missile launch
General Assembly passes resolution demanding aid access, by large majority
Changyong Rhee to Retire as Director of IMFs Asia and Pacific Department
Competing drafts on humanitarian assistance debated at General Assembly
UN weather agency to spearhead 5 year early warning plan, boosting climate action
Madat Guliyev agrees to joint arms manufacturing with Barzan Holdings