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After Kadi, Karabakh left another football player of main composition
Rafet Alibayramlinsky was detained in Uzbekistan: United States and Russia are looking for it
US Ambassador Tracy was attacked by demonstrators in Moscow
NATO: Wagner received missiles from North Korea
Girkin has plan for victory of Russia in war
Moscow said that Pentagon will experience bio -weapons on Ukrainians
President of Croatia declared position of West in Ukraine Amoral
Croatia: Kosovo was stolen by Serbia
“Wagnerian” fled from front to prison
One of largest banks in United States leaves Russia
Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow will condemn Azerbaijan
North Korea is interested in sale of weapons of Russia
UK parliament was called to direct clash with Russia
Kremlin is studying information about attack on military plant in Iran
Executive-US Secretary of United States on resolution of conflict in Ukraine
Girkin revealed failures of Russians in Donbass
Politico: Opposportunist Vardanyan does not need peace in Karabakh
Kremlin about warfare against background of weapons from Kyiv
Kremlin answered Johnson to his words about Putin
Iran called temporary attorney in Ukraine’s affairs
Russia’s Foreign Ministry about “Western attempts to drive wedge between Moscow and CIS countries”
Kadyrovites raped NTV journalist
Moscow on connection of Baku to Eurasian integration processes
Iran and Russia launch their own banking system
US announced possibility of liberation of Crimea
ISW: Delaying weapons supply does not allow Ukraine to conduct counterattack
WSJ: West is afraid that time can play benefit of Russia
Johnson explained Putin’s threats
Erdogan commented on his relationship with Putin
Zakharova invited Finland to evaluate words of Swedish colleagues to burn Qur’an
Zelensky imposed sanctions against Russian railway carriers
Rally at Russian military base in Armenia
Sholts: Germany no longer collaborates with Russia
Russia announced direct participation of United States in hostilities
Russia called on Japan to respect
American military urge Pentagon to transfer F-16 to Ukraine
Belarus announced 17 thousand Ukrainian military on border
Americans will teach Ukrainian soldiers to fight in new way
He condemned war: in Russia religious leader was recognized as an “foreigner”
General Staff of Ukraine: Russia is conducting an offensive in three directions
USA is preparing warning of Turkey and Emirates
Finland about desecration of Qur’an: Russia may be behind provocation
Prigozhin told Strelkov his conditions. Strelkov refused. conflict is flared up
Three options for end of war in Ukraine from American analysts
Armenian deputy: Moscow statement is concerned
Israel confessed to secret assistance to Ukraine
In Rosselkhoznadzor, they shared experience with delegation of AQTA
Representative of State Department: Russian peacekeepers do not play any role in Karabakh