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Lavrov: Russian Federation is ready for close cooperation with friends from Muslim world
Putin: Russia has increased agricultural products, despite restrictions
Poll in Kazakhstan: Erdogan is most popular foreign leader
Deportation of Crimean Tatars: non -subservient pain of people
Chavushoglu: Anti -Russian performances of Kylychdaroglu are damaged by Turkey
Kazakhstan does not violate sanctions of Western states against Russian Federation – Ashimbaev
International Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum” started
Siluanov: receipt of oil and gas revenues to budget of Russia lags behind plan
Russian bank first opened representative office in Iran
UN announced continuation of negotiations on grain transaction
In Georgia, they protest against air traffic with Russia
Lukashenko: Integration of Russia and Belarus surpassed expectations
Russia: sales of tourists to Turkey have grown
Lavrov: Russia has increased level of relations with Turkey and other countries
First flight of Azimut Moscow-Tbilisi was confirmed on May 19
EU stated results of first tender of gas -shaped mechanism
Istanbul – leader in volumes of real estate sales in Turkey
Kaztransoyil and Rosneft extended transit of Russian oil to China
Oil is getting more expensive on messages from USA and Canada
Eurasian Development Bank hopes for accession of Turkey
Japan is concerned about military cooperation of Russian Federation and China in Asia
From May 15, Russia cancels visa regime for Georgian citizens
Erdogan criticized policy that promised to impose sanctions against Russia
Berlin will transfer to Kyiv weapons in amount of € 2.7 billion
From beginning of year, 17 terrorists have neutrally neutralize efforts of special services of Turkey
Russia leads top of fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey
Türkiye increased export in Russian Federation of fruit and vegetables
Erdogan: Turkey relations with Russia are no worse than with United States
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: London transmission Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv leads to serious escalation
Chavushoglu called on Kylychdaroglu to prove statements of “interference” of Russian Federation in election
Erdogan told “shameful” statements about intervention of Russian Federation in elections in Turkey
Kremlin rejected accusation of candidate for elections in Turkey “In intervention”
Moscow requires compensation of $ 76 million for abolition of World Cup by volleyball
Hulushi Akar announced “progress” in dialogue on “grain agreement”
Ukraine: We continue efforts to extend terms of Black Sea Grain Initiative
Turkish presidential candidate Kemal Kylychdaroglu accused Russia of conspiracy and spread of false materials
Prigozhin announced risk of environment of “Wagnerians” in Bakhmut
France called on PRC to convince Russia to respect sovereignty of Ukraine
In Donetsk region of Ukraine, fierce clashes continue
Georgia will not impose direct sanctions against Russia – Kobahidze
India increased Russian oil imports by 10 times
NATO: troops of Russian Federation at front use old T-54 tanks
Lukashenko signed law on ratification of agreement with Russia on treatment of recovery of nuclear fuel
Deputy Defense of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine held working meeting on “grain corridor”
Mevlut Chavushoglu: Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria will prepare “road map” in Syria
Foreign Minister of Turkey, Russia, Syria and Iran to prepare road map of Turkish-Syrian relations
Moscow agreed in preparation of roadmap of relations of Turkey and Syria
Tatarstan: preparations for Kazanforum 2023 are completed