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Foreign Minister of Turkey and Iran discussed cooperation in energy and Syria
Kremlin announced US statement of victory in Second World War
President of Georgia stated abolition of Russian Federation for Georgians unacceptable to unacceptable
Chavushoglu explained Turkey’s priorities at Syria negotiations in Moscow
“Transneft”: “attempt to attack” on system of oil pipelines “Friendship” was committed
Chavushoglu and Lavrov discussed “grain initiative”, Syria, Ukraine and Caucasus
Moscow: four -sided meeting of heads of Foreign Ministry in Syria has started
In two regions of Russian Federation, drones are shot down
UN announced resumption of inspections as part of grain transaction
France Parliament called on EU to recognize Wagner PMC with terrorist organization
Moscow will tell Poland protest due to an incident with Russian diplomats
Turkish Ministry of Defense: negotiations on “grain corridor” will be held on May 10-11 in Istanbul
Ankara confirmed restoration of work of “grain corridor”
Putin: traditions of battle fraternity contribute to partnership with Turkmenistan
CIS countries celebrate Victory Day over fascism
Putin and Mirziyoyev held negotiations in Kremlin
Putin invited number of leaders to celebrations on occasion of 78th anniversary of Victory
Forest fires are raging in number of regions of Russia
European Union is preparing 11th package of sanctions against Russian Federation
Speaker of Parliament: Türkiye stands for speedy European integration of Balkans
Chavushoglu: Türkiye has turned into key country for peace in region
Putin congratulated number of CIS leaders on anniversary of Victory
Separatists of Transnistria will forgive Moscow “increase number of peacekeepers”
Volodin: United States uses Ukraine to fight Russia and on ideological front
Kyrgyz President flew an official visit to Russia
Zelensky said that Ukraine intends to return all prisoners
At Embassy of Russian Federation in Ankara, Immortal Regiment was held in Ankara
Russian Foreign Ministry commented on explosion of Russian writer’s car
Medvedev predicted loss of Germany’s leadership in Europe
On border between Belarus and Russian Federation began to verify documents
Germany entered leadership leaders in Antalya
Four -sided meeting on Syria will be held in Moscow on May 10
UN announced meeting on grain transaction at high level
An explosion occurred on territory of Ilsky refineries in Krasnodar Territory of Russian Federation
Lavrov: Zelensky does everything so that self -respecting countries do not communicate with Kiev
Hulushi Akar: May 5 will be technical meeting on grain corridor
At PACES meeting between members of delegations of Ukraine and Russia, skirmish occurred
At PACES meeting between members of delegations of Ukraine and Russia, fight ensued
Speaker of Turkish parliament intervened in actions of Ukrainian delegation at PacES
Mustafa Schentop: Türkiye will continue efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine
Türkiye in February reduced natural gas imports
Siyyarto: “Grain initiative” is only success of intermediaries in Ukraine
Many countries continue to evacuate citizens from Sudan
Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation: Washington, London and NATO are responsible for actions of Kyiv
GUERRISH: UN will do everything possible to extend “grain transaction”
Biginen called for perceiving news from Kremlin “with very great caution”
Dmitry Medvedev: We will have to “physically eliminate” Zelensky and his click
Volodin urged to use weapons, “capable of destroying Kiev regime”