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Secretary General praises Romania’s role in NATO with foreign ministers set to meet in Bucharest
Ukrainians flew to Israel for secret negotiations
United States once called Russia on “Deconflik” communication line
Ilham Aliyev met with president of Tatarstan Minnikhanov
Application of Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan 29 November
White House: Putin wants to “put Ukrainians on his knees”
Ukrainians shot down two Russian aircraft
Pentagon began checking due to incorrect forecasts for Ukraine
Arrestovich about return of Crimea
Danielyan: Great Britain needs Lachin corridor
Ministry of Defense: Peacekeepers must stop using concept of “Nagorny Karabakh”
Swiss newspaper criticized antiazerbaijani resolution of Senate of France
Civilian casualty update 28 November 2022: Ukraine
ICBL Statement on Stockpile Destruction, Mine Ban Treaty 20th Meeting of States Parties
NATO expert: In winter, up to 100 thousand Russian military can die in Ukraine
Reznikov: 97% of Russia’s goals were civilian
New sanctions against Russia: will be disconnected from SWIFT and ban entrance to EU
Additional Russian troops appeared on border with Ukraine
Pope told most cruel people in Russian army
Medvedev again has “masterpiece statement”
Kremlin about withdrawal of Russian troops from Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant
For bypass of anti -Russian sanctions will be punished
Rogozin shot “royal wolf” from grenade launcher towards Armed Forces
Observatory on History Teaching in Europe: Annual Conference tackles future of history teaching
Ukrainians will receive shells for strikes in Russia?
Boeing wants to put high -precision shells to Ukraine
Three reasons: Russia loses in energy with West
For military help? Russia aircraft are actively flying to China
Application of Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan 28 November
Political scientist Grigoryan believes that “the situation of Armenia is difficult”
General Staff of Ukraine: Russians are advancing in Donbass
Lukashenko explained “mistake of Volodya Zelensky”
“We will not shoot our leg”: Kremlin on introduction of ceiling of oil prices for West
“Introduction to internal affairs of country”: in Bishkek they answered deputy of State Duma
Iran’s parliament approved an accession to SCO
USA came to Venezuela for oil
Kremlin recognized disagreements with Turkey, but
In European Parliament, they talked about helping Ukrainian refugees
Lavrov’s visit to Minsk has been postponed
“So that Russia does not pose threat”: Orban said that Europe needs sovereign Ukraine
Ukrainians hit Russians and ammunition depots in Zaporozhye
Ambassador of Ukraine called on Azerbaijan to recognize Holodomor with genocide of Ukrainian people
Can Iranian and Chinese air defense systems protect Syria from Israeli air raids?
Forecast of American ecvperts: fighting in Ukraine will soon intensify
Armenian militants fired at Khojavend, Fizuli, Terter and Agdam until morning
Sholts told what language Putin speaks with him
Grigoryan: Pashinyan put Putin in difficult position
Zelensky proposed size of ceiling of oil prices