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Turkish male sports gymnastics team won Olympic license
Sholts: number of refugees in Germany is too large
Tokaev: Kazakhstan advocates development of barrier -free trade
Leaders of Kyrgyz and Germany agreed to strengthen relations in all directions
Tashkent and Berlin discussed prospects of multifaceted cooperation
Emomali Rahmon invited president of Germany to visit Tajikistan
Mirziyev noted prospects of interaction in format of “Country of Central Asia – Germany”
Tokaev noted need for “real negotiations” between Russian Federation and Ukraine
Zhaparov: Geopolitical shocks increased interest in Central Asia
Astana and Berlin discussed deepening of Kazakh-German interaction
Astana and Berlin agreed to activate interaction in various fields
Only 40% of international companies left Russia
Museum employee in Munich replaced several paintings with fakes, putting originals for auction
German Foreign Minister admitted that Berlin supplied Kyiv with non -working equipment
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia and separatist regime reject all proposals of Baku
In New York, process of integration of Georgia in EU was discussed
Hakan Fidan met with German Foreign Minister Berbok
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 17
In NATO announced in 2024 largest exercises after Cold War
President of Germany: variety of Islam and more than 5 million Muslims are part of our country
Russia: II International Festival of Circus Art “without borders” started
“Corridor wars” in global geopolitics
Negotiations of Zelensky with Foreign Minister of Federal Republic of Foreign Ministry took place in Kyiv
Foreign Minister of Germany arrived in Kyiv
Erdogan and Sholts discussed resumption of work mechanism of Turkish-Es dialogue
G20 leading summit starts on September 9
In Turkey they can extend tourist season
Türkiye in August set an absolute record for export
Turkish women’s team won volleyball
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency for September 3
Sholts: issue of atomic energy in Germany is closed
World War II: most terrible catastrophe in history of mankind
Zakharova: Western leaders “interfere with work of all members” G20
Turkish volleyball players will play with Poland in quarterfinals of what
Kazakhstan in 2023 will supply at least 890 thousand tons of oil in Germany
Export of dried fruits from Turkey exceeded $ 1.1 billion
Niger denied information about expulsion of German ambassadors, Nigeria, cat-d’Ivoire and USA
Türkiye broke record of attendance, taking more than 30 million for 7 months
Volodin: Boomerang sanctions hit their initiators – EU and USA
Influx of direct investment in Turkey in first half of year approached $ 5 billion
Supporters of RKK defiled mosque in Germany
Germany: We condemn acts of defilement of Qur’an in Denmark
Scholts rejected accusations of indecision in issue of Ukraine supply Taurus missiles
Germany will put intelligence drones to Ukraine
Muslims of Germany are concerned about growth of attacks on mosque
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombardment: beginning of nuclear century
Mete gas won title of world firing champion
Morning briefing of Anadolu agency on August 6