11th meeting of intergovernmental council of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan was held in Taraz

The volume of trade between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in January-July 2023 amounted to $ 759 million. This was stated by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov.

In the city of Taraz (Republic of Kazakhstan), the 11th meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan was held, chaired by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov and the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

The main topics of the intergovernmental council, in which the heads of the central state bodies of the two countries also took part, were strengthening trade and economic cooperation, interaction in the field of water use and energy, the implementation of cooperative projects in industry and the agricultural sector, the development of the transit and transport potential of the republics, joint initiatives In the areas of tourism and culture.

“According to the results of 2022, the volume of trade between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan amounted to $ 1.2 billion. Over 7 months of 2023, the volume of trade amounted to $ 759 million, compared to the same period last year by 13.1 %,” – – Zhaparov noted.

In turn, Alikhan Smailov emphasized that thanks to the efforts of the heads of the two states of the Kazakh-Kyrgyz strategic partnership in recent years, has gained high dynamics.

Prime Minister noted that mutual turnover is growing between the republics, and along with this, cooperation in transit, communication, tourist and other areas is developing. There are good prospects in the areas of production cooperation, agriculture and digitalization, he said.

“In particular, the creation of an industrial shopping and logistics complex (ITLK) in the border territories will contribute to the implementation of new cooperative projects in the near future. It will also contribute to the task set by the heads of the two states to increase the turnover to $ 2 billion”, – noted Smailov.

The Heads of Government of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also agreed to continue close interaction in the water sphere in the spirit of mutual respect and good neighborliness, taking into account the interests of both countries.

“It is extremely important to develop cooperation in the field of ecology and rational water use, which has a direct impact on the life of our citizens. In order to ensure fair and transparent management of water resources, we need an effective monitoring mechanism by digitizing interstate watering channels. It is important to ensure the exchange of hydrological information, In particular, in the supply of water reservoirs and a water fence throughout the pool, ”the prime minister emphasized.

According to the results of the meeting, a protocol was signed, providing for the cooperation of the two countries in the fields of trade, investment, agriculture, transport, the water-energy complex, culture, tourism and sports, as well as interregional interaction.