34th race of memory of Ataturk and world started

The 34th race of memory of Ataturk and the world started, in which athletes should deliver a handful of land from the territory of the court of the house of the founder of the Turkish Republic in Greek Sebre to the mausoleum of the great statesman in Ankara.

The organizer is the Consulate General of Turkey.

The event is supported by the Turkish Athletics Federation, Athletic Club “Master of Istanbul” and the Association of Solidarity of the Turks of the Eastern Trakia.

The race route is 737 km and runs through the Ipsal area (Turkish province of Edirne), where the border point of the same name is located between Greece and Turkey.

Athletes will have to overcome the distance on average in 54 hours.

In connection with the event in Ipsal, a ceremony was held, within which those present honored the memory of the national leader with a minute of silence. The state anthem of the Turkish Republic sounded.

The head of the IPSAL OMER District, Sevgili, told the ceremony that the race has been going on for several years and expressed gratitude to its organizers. “It is very valuable that a handful of land from the area where Ataturk was born is wrapped in a Turkish flag. This is one of the most valuable examples of instilling youth respect for Ataturk,” he emphasized.

After the performances, the participants of the event were awarded diplomas.