3600 prisoners fled from prison in Haiti

As a result of the armed attack of gangs for prison in Haiti, 3600 prisoners escaped and 12 prisoners died.

Armed gangs that attacked the Krua-de-Book prison in the capital of Porto-Prens, faced with security forces.

During the conflict, 3,600 prisoners fled from prison and 12 people were killed.

The press service of the Haiti government reported that the criminal organizations attacked the prison early in the morning, but then disappeared, faced with the police.

On the other hand, it was reported that 17 Citizens of Colombia were in prison. The Government of Colombia is in contact with the Haiti authorities.

According to the regional press, in addition to the death of 4 police officers, dozens of people have suffered as a result of attacks that occurred over the past 3 days.

In Haiti, promotions are held with the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henri, participants in the action often encounter the police.