9 civilians became victims of attacks of Syrian army in Idlib

victims of the attacks of the army of the regime of Bashar al -Assad and the pro -River terrorist groups in the Syrian province of Idlib became 9 civilians, another person was injured.

The Syrian army and the River terrorist groups deployed in the village of Khan-Es-Subul in the south of Idlib, fired at workers who collect olives in the village of Kokfin.

According to sources in civil defense forces (“white helmets”), 9 civilians were killed as a result of shelling, another person was injured.

The situation in Idlib

At a meeting in Astana in 2017, Turkey, Russia and Iran decided to create four “de -escalation zones” in the territory not controlled by the Damassian authorities.

Dama administration, the terrorists and Russia supported by Iran continued their attacks, captured three of the four zones and rushed towards Idlib.

Although in September 2018, Turkey reached an additional agreement on strengthening the ceasefire with Russia, in May 2019, attacks intensified again.

After a new agreement between Turkey and Russia dated March 5, 2020, the ceasefire is mainly maintained.

approximately 2 million civilians of the Arab Republic, escaping from attacks in 2017-2020, were forced to flee to areas located in the immediate vicinity of the Turkish border.