A native of Ganja turned into main drug supplier in German Hanau

On the next Wednesday, September 28, in the German city of Hanau (Hessen Land), a trial of Azerbaijan will be held, who is considered one of the main drug suppliers in the city.

According to Vorsprung, two accused are appearing in the case – a native of the city of Ganja in Azerbaijan (born 1990) and a German citizen (born 1994).

During the detention, 385 grams of marijuana, 1.4 kg of hash, 10 kg of methamphetamine and about 200 grams of cocaine were found from a native of Azerbaijan. Considering that the population of Hanau barely exceeds 85 thousand people, investigators are sure that they managed to detain the main supplier and drug distributor.

The second detainee – a German citizen acted as a courier and was engaged in drug transport. During the detention, he found 23 thousand euros of cash.