A new “capital billionaires” appeared in world

The world appeared a new “capital billionaires”, Beijing became her, who pushed the New York to the second line, reports Insider.

According to the list of world-2021 billionaires (World’s Billionaires List) according to Forbes, 33 new billionaires appeared in the Chinese capital last year. Thus, the total number of rich has reached 100 here, and with a slight separation of Beijing fisheled New York with his 99 billioners.

As the edition notes, in 2020, only seven new billionaires appeared in the American metropolis. At the same time, it draws attention to Insider, the population of New York is about 40% of Peking: 8.4 million people live in a large apple against 21 million in the capital of the PRC.

The richest inhabitant of Beijing was recognized by the BYTedance company, which belongs to the Tiktok platform, Zhang Immin, the state of which is estimated at $ 35.6 billion. The most wealthy New Yorkz was the former Mayor Michael Bloomberg with a state of $ 59 billion

Insider reminds that more billionaires live in the United States than in any other country of the world. However, China is already beginning to attack America on the heels. Over the past year, China and Hong Kong have acquired 210 new billionaires – not a single other country failed to approach such indicators.

In addition to Beijing to the list of ten cities in the world, where more billionaires live, also four Chinese cities also got. So, Hong Kong from 80 riches took third place, Shenzhen with 68 – fifth, and Shanghai from 64 – sixth. The only American city, which came to the list with New York, was San Francisco with 48 billioners.