A promulgated program of meeting Byyden and Putin

Putin and Bayden meeting, which will be held on June 16 in Geneva, allegedly will last five hours, Interfax reports with reference to the Kremlin press service.

As reported in the Kremlin, Putin’s arrival at Villa “La Grunge” and his joint photographing with US Presidents and Switzerland Joe Biden and Gi Parmelen is scheduled for 13:00 local time. Meanwhile, Biden has already arrived in Geneva.

Next, the beginning of the conversation of two world leaders is scheduled – it will be held in the Villa Library.

At 14:30, the beginning of Russian-American negotiations in an extended composition is scheduled. As expected, the discussion will last a little less than two hours.

Next, at 16:15 – the second part of the negotiations in the extended composition, which will take about the same time as the first round.

At 18:00, a press conference of President Vladimir Putin was planned following the summit.