A resident of Agdjabedi coarsely robbed employer-Turk

In Baku, a lawsuit ended over 35-year-old Elshan Allahverdiev, a resident of the Agidjabedinsky district, accused of theft from an apartment of a Turkish citizen, a well-known ophthalmologist Mehmet Sheref Oreretmenoglu.

According to haqqın.az, at the ophthalmologist Elshan Allahverdiev worked as a driver. From the middle of last year, he began to steal from the house of the optometrist, in total, kidnapping 5350 manat. But this was not enough for Allahverdiev. Soon he introduced to the thefts of his friend Tural. Allahverdiev even advised him not to endure more than a thousand manat at a time. Tural, however, did not listen to the advice and took 6 thousand manat from the house at a time from the house.

At first, Oreretmenoglu did not suspect anything about the tricks of his driver. Once an ophthalmologist, along with his wife, who came to Azerbaijan, went to rest in the lip. Returning to Baku, he began to look for his driver, but did not find it. Later, finally noting the loss from the house, Oreretmenoglu turned to the police. Allahverdieva found and detained.

In his statement, the accused said that he met an ophthalmologist when he worked as a taxi driver. The Turkish doctor hired a man with his driver. Bursting in confidence in the gullible optometrist, Allahverdiev began to steal money from his house a little.

“Once, Mehmet called and said that his wife flew from Turkey, and that they had to be taken to Mingiachevir. I lied, saying that I would come. He thought he found out about thefts. I made the last theft with my friend Tural. I spent stolen money on my needs. “

Oreretmanoglu in his testimony stated that he trusted Allahverdiev, gave him the keys to the house.

“There was a Hurban holiday. The wife flew from Turkey, we sat in the yard. Elshan often entered and left the house. The next morning I wanted to take $ 2,000 from my bag, but I saw that out of $ 2000 and 1700 manat left there left only $ 1,100. The next day we went to the lip to rest. Returning from the lip, he called Elshan to take me to work. But he did not answer, and then completely turned off the phone. “

by a court decision, Elshan Allahverdiev was sentenced to 2 years 11 months and 24 days of imprisonment. As mitigating circumstances, the court considered the sincere recognition of Allahverdiev, as well as the fact that he had minor children in care.