A shooter from Denmark: “There are places where it is difficult to shoot from 50 meters”

In Baku, the World Cup continues. On Friday, June 3, in shooting competitions from a rifle at a distance of 50 m among women, victory, and with it, a gold medal, was won by a athlete from Denmark Ricke Ibsen.

In team competitions among men in shooting from a rifle at 50 m gold went to the Croats.

“This gold medal is of great importance for us. We have achieved the three of this success. For our families, friends, coaches, representatives of the federation, this medal is especially important. Because we have achieved great success at the World Cup. You know, the qualification stage and the qualification stage and The final was very difficult. There was a wind. But, despite the difficulties, we won, ”said Miran Marichich, a member of the Croatian team.

Danes Rickke Ibsen expressed her satisfaction with the scene of the Baku Rifle Center: “I was in many rifle centers. I think the Baku arena is the best of all that I saw. There are places where it is difficult to shoot from 50 meters. There is nothing at the Baku Rifle Center. this was not “.