A strange refutation of Peskov

Messages that the chairman of the PRC Xi Jinping refused to visit Russia to visit Russia, did not correspond to reality, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that China’s leader Xi Jinping responded to the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Russia. The publication noted that the telephone conversation between the two leaders took place on June 15 of this year, the PRC chairman substantiated his refusal by the fact that it would be difficult for him to come to the neighboring country due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

answering the appropriate question of journalists, the Kremlin representative said: “This is not fully true. The fact is that certain covid restrictions in China continue, and this is absolutely normal, we must relate to this with understanding. There is an existing invitation from Putin to visit China and Xi Jinping – to visit Russia. As these restrictions allow, all visits will be made. “

Note that the statement of the Kremlin representative is a little strange and vague. Radio Free Asia already noted that China’s leader refused a visit to Moscow due to coronavirus pandemia and covid restrictions introduced in China, and why this information is not true, it is incomprehensible.


At the same time, the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri recalled that Xi Jinping has not visited foreign countries since the end of January 2020. The publication suggested that the leader of the PRC is trying not to take sharp steps both in domestic and foreign policy on the eve of the Congress of the Communist Party of China in the fall of 2022. A visit to Moscow can deepen the crisis in the relationship of China with the USA and Europe, writes Yomiuri.