Abdollahian: “Turkey and Iran – two main regional players”

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossaine Amir Abdollahian told the details of the meeting with the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlyut Chavushoglu during his recent visit to Tehran.

“I was glad to accept my brother, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlyuta Chavushoglu in Tehran. We conducted important negotiations,” said Abdulyan.

According to him, closed consultations between the two heads of departments lasted more than three hours.

“We agreed to move to a long-term road map to expand cooperation between our countries. We hope that this card will open the way to strengthen relations in all areas and will be completed during the meeting of the presidents of our countries,” the Iranian Foreign Minister said.

He also noted that the meeting discussed issues of water management, problems with migration, terrorism, as well as other important regional issues.

“Iran and Turkey are two major regional players – should play an undeniable role in the development of the region. Cooperation between the two countries can contribute to stability in Western Asia,” concluded Abdollahian.