Abundance of beaches with “blue flag”: business card of Antalya

Antalya continues to lead in Turkey and the world in the list of provinces on the number of beaches with the “blue flag”.

The tourism capital of Turkey remains one of the favorite areas of recreation thanks to natural beauties and a high level of service.

According to the international jury of the Blue Flag, which announced awards in the 2023rd year, 551 beach, 23 pier, 14 tourist judges and 10 private yachts were awarded in Turkey of the Blue Flag.

In the first place in the number of “blue flags” in the world is Spain – 629, in the second – Greece (617).

At the same time, the Turkish Antalya continues to lead in Turkey and the world on the list of “blue flags”. So, the number of beaches with the “blue flag” in Antalya in 2023 increased to 231. In 2021, the “blue flag” fluttered on 213 beaches, and in 2022 – 229. The flags already began to appear along the coastline of the tourist province from the Gazipash region Before porridge, they were awarded 5 berths of 14 tourist boats.

The growth of the number of beaches, yachts and boats marked by the “blue flag” in Antalya makes a significant contribution to the development of tourism. In particular, foreign tourists attach great importance to the beaches, yachts and tourist boats awarded the Blue Flag award. And in this regard, the “tourist capital” of Turkey annually becomes a priority for millions of tourists.

In an interview with Anadolu, the head of the municipality of Kash Mutlu Ulutash said that five more beaches of the region were awarded the Blue Flag awards.

“Tourism is an important component of the region, as it attracts a lot of tourists here thanks to its historical attractions, natural landscapes and warm sea,” said the head of the municipality.

According to him, tourists annually come to cereal for rest, as this region provides high -quality tourism.

“Porridge becomes the center of attraction for tourists. And the reason for this is that the region is famous for its pure sea and untouched nature. The preservation of nature in its original form is of great importance. That is why the bar in tourism is constantly increasing. It is very valuable that it is very valuable that it is very valuable that it is very valuable that Yachts and tourist boats on the beaches are awarded the Blue Flag award, ”said Ulutash.

“Blue Flag” – an international award, annually awarded to beaches and berths since 1987, the water in which meets high quality standards and is suitable for safe bathing. The implementation of the program in Turkey began in 1993.