Addict’s quarrel in Baku: Baibekov killed Fahi and got into prison for 16 years

The Baku Court of Crime Court of Crime ended the trial in the criminal case of a 56-year-old resident Baku Ravil Baibekov, accused of intentional murder.

According to haqqı, the incident occurred on March 29 of this year in the village of Amirjan of the Surakhan district. Baybekov during a quarrel on the basis of a personal conflict inflicted stab wounds with a 50-year-old Fakhaddin Assadov. In the apartment, men lived together. The victim died on the spot.

In fact, a criminal case has been instituted in the prosecutor’s office of the Surakhan district under article 120.1 (intentional murder) of the Criminal Code

The accused Ravil Baibekov found himself guilty of the charges against him. In his statement, he said that he had no intention of killing his close friend Fahreddin.

The men met three years ago when Ravil met Fahreddin, whom he called “Fahi”. Both were alcoholics and drug addicts. Fahreddin previously worked as a taxi driver, but then sold his car. His wife and children went abroad.

“I worked as a master and earned a living so. Sometimes I took Fakhi with me to have money for bread. He said that he had nowhere to live and I led him out of pity to my home.”

According to Baybekov’s statement, he never took Fahreddin from accommodation fees, on the contrary, he helped him and threw money for pocket expenses.

The day before the incident, Fahreddin acquired the drug “Coconus”, which the men used together. In the morning, Fahreddin again felt a strong craving for the drug, but there was no more money for the purchase of a new dose. On this basis, the man began to behave aggressively. Baibekov did not like it and he hit the Fahi with a knife. Immediately recalling, Ravil tried to provide a friend with first aid.

“Since I did not have a mobile phone, I left home to call emergency services. I was not going to kill Fahreddin. I am very sorry. I tried to do everything possible to save his life,” he said.

The sister of the deceased reported in her statement that her brother by nature was a very quiet person. Although earlier he worked as a taxi driver, a stroke forced him to abandon this profession: “He was divorced, earned a poor existence and became a drug addict. He was hospitalized three times due to drug addiction. After a divorce, he lived in a rented apartment. He lived with Ravil. Often. Often. Often. Often. I came to us, I always gave him money for his financial needs. He did not have a mobile phone, he called from different numbers, sent photos of bank cards, wanted me to send money and I did it. I intentionally did not give him much so that he does not buy drugs. “

The sister of the deceased said that she forgave Baybekova and asked the court to impose a milder punishment.

by a decision of the court, Ravil Baybekov was sentenced to 16 years in a maximum security colony.