Administration of President of Turkey: world audience of Turkish series reached 1 billion

The world demand for Turkish TV shows over the past three years has increased by 183 percent, which is the undoubted success of Turkish cinema. This was stated by the head of the Directorate of the Administration of the President of Turkey Fakhretin Altun, speaking at the premiere of the new series of the TRT 1 channel “Mehmed: Sultan of the Conquerors”.

“Today, about a billion people around the world are watching Turkish series, and this is of great importance. Considering this aspect, we really face real success. It should also be said that these created work is our attempt to resist the cultural exploitation system, global imperialism and attempts at cultural corruption. In this regard, I really attach great importance to these initiatives, ”said the head of the Relations Department.

Altun noted that the series is a very large project that requires serious investment, and also expressed the hope that thanks to the project under consideration, a serious contribution to the industrial culture industry, cultural accumulation and the publishing life of Turkey will be made.

“The plot of the series is based on a very, very important acting person from the point of view of the history of civilizations and world history. He demonstrates the image of the Sultan Mehmed the conqueror and his achievement, in particular, the conquest of Istanbul,” Altun said.

According to him, the Sultan Mehmed the conqueror was a brilliant ruler who discovered and completed the era in the history of civilizations, which developed such a management system that allowed the Ottoman state for many years to achieve serious successes in many areas.

Altun noted that the series “Mehmed: Sultan of Conquerors” focuses on the period in which the ascent of the Ottoman state began.

If we look at the life of the Sultan Mehmed Fatikha while watching the series, we will see that that period actually is in many ways to resemble today, which in turn gives significance to this series, Altun noted.

The Head of the Relations Department also noted the significance of the language of art and cinema.

The Turkish film industry really develops from time to time. Türkiye invests very serious investments in the development of its brand, ”he stressed.

This picture will make a significant contribution to the development of the Turkish brand and expand its presence at the international level, added Altun.