Afghanistan: lamp has risen in price

The arrival of the “Taliban” movement to power in Kabul and almost all over the entire territory of Afghanistan led to the rise in price of the burden on average 10 times. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Iranian Agency ISNA.

This is due to the fact that, as ISNA indicates, Afghans decided that the Taliban will force them immediately fit into this robe. One of the Afghan women told the Agency that at first she had to hold long hours in line in front of an ATM to remove the necessary funds: “Taliban unexpectedly took power to Kabul. Everyone thought that Kabul would be able to resist during the year or more. Parandja – rarity . I have one or two parants on three women in the family. Perhaps instead we will have a fire from the sheets of some kind of hijab. “

The representative of the Taliban, Sayley Shahin announced that the movement will make the hijab wearing obligatory in accordance with the Islamic law, but it is not about carrying a lament.