“Afghanistan moves to chaos”: Imran Khan turned to world

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will be the largest in the world if the international community does not start acting right now. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the 17th Extraordinary Meet of the Head Foreign Minister of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OR) under Afghanistan.

“If the world does not act and will help Afghanistan, in this country there will be a largest anthropogenic crisis, which is currently unfolding under us,” quotes the chapter of the Pakistani government of the GEO TV channel.

According to Prime Minister, “ORC countries should assist Afghanistan based on their religious debt in front of him.”

Turning to the United States, Imran Khan stated that “Washington should separate its strategy regarding the Taliban movement from the approach to the fate of 40 million Afghan citizens suffering from hunger and needing highly humanitarian aid.”

“Afghanistan moves to chaos, if the world does not accept immediate measures. This situation does not suit the United States, because in the conditions of chaos it is impossible to fight terrorism,” said Pakistani Prime Minister.