African country indicated France to door

The Burkina-Faso military government (the state in West Africa) ordered the French troops deployed on its territory to leave the country for a month.

According to the Burkina-Faso AIB news agency, citing sources, reported that the Burkina-Faso government suspended the 2018 military agreement, which allowed the presence of French troops in the country. At the same time, relations with France are not completely broken, and “the notification applies only to military cooperation agreements.”

Burkina-Faso, like neighboring countries, is covered by a conflict associated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group. Almost 2 million people, or 10 percent of the population, were forced to leave their homes in Burkina Faso. Although about 400 French special forces are located in the country, who are fighting groups associated with Al-Qaeda and IG, their presence did not improve the security situation. In recent months, anti -French sentiments have intensified in the country, Israeli “details” noted.

On January 20, hundreds of Burkinians conducted a demonstration against France, demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador and the closure of the military base in Burkina-Faso. They carried huge posters depicting the leaders of Mali and Guinea, who also came to power as a result of coups, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mali, also the former colony of Paris, last year ordered the French troops to leave the country. The last of 2,400 French troops located there left the country in August after nine years of struggle with al-Qaeda and groups associated with IG. Mali authorities invited Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group, who are accused of large -scale human rights violations there and in other places.