After Kadi, Karabakh left another football player of main composition

The Karabakh football club announced the departure of the striker Ovus Kwabena. The Gansky striker, who played an important role in the last six months in the attacking actions of the Agdam team, moved to the Hungarian “Ferencvarosh”.

In the same “Ferencvarosh”, led by Stanislav Cherchesov, who “Karabakh” was held last summer in the 3rd qualification round of the Champions League.

Kvaben is the second football player of the main composition of Karabakh, who left the team this winter. Earlier, one of the leading football players of the squads of Gurban Gurbanov Brazilian Kadi,

, went to the Russian Krasnodar.

This winter, Karabakh signed the French winger Adam Diacabi and the attacking midfielder Yassin Benia, as well as the Albanian player of the attack line of Redon Gigi.

The team now really needs a goalkeeper, because after the injury of Shahrudin Magomedaliev, Karabakh was left without the main goalkeeper. Already on February 16, the champion of Azerbaijan will hold the first match of the 1/16 finals of the Conferences League against the Belgian Genta. The return game will take place on February 23 in the gent.