After Russian strokes, Ukraine turned off all nuclear power plants

Ukraine stopped all three nuclear power plants located in the territories not captured by Russia after a new series of missile strikes that the Russian army inflicted on Wednesday, writes Moscow Times.

The head of Khmelnitskaya Ova, Sergei Gamali, said that the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant located in the west of Ukraine was disconnected from the power system after the power networks in the region were de -energized. The station was stopped at the station, said Alexander Suprunyuk, mayor of Netishin, a satellite city of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant. “There is no power supply, water, heat is possible,” he added.

A nearby Rivne nuclear power plant was transferred to the emergency mode of operation (involves a stop of one or more power units). The South Ukrainian NPP in the Nikolaev region stopped all four power units. “This is due to the destruction of networks,” explained the official representative of Energoatom Leonid Oleinik.

There are four nuclear stations and 15 reactors in Ukraine. Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plants, consisting of 8 power units and having the status of the largest in Europe, is under the control of the Russian army from the first days of the war.