Ahmad Masood is ready to pass Panjscher?

Leader of the Afghan National Resistance to Ahmad Masood Jr. (son of the legendary Afghan field commander Ahmad Shah Masuda) denied the information of the British newspaper Telegraph about their plans to pass Panjscher – the only region in Afghanistan, who did not obey the Taliban.

Earlier, the publication with reference to its sources reported that allegedly the cause of the capitulation of Masud Jr. could be the absence of any serious external support for the resistance movement. And in such a situation, the Taliban resistance meaninglessly, the sources of the British edition were noted.

However, according to the correspondent of Iran International Tajudddin, Suroshov, with reference to the sources from the closest environment of the Panjshera leader, are not discussed by such plans.

On the eve, Ahmad Masood talked on the phone with a high-ranking leader of the Taliban, the ex-minister of culture of Afghanistan Amirkhan Muttaki. The leader of the Taliban asked the young head of resistance to fold the weapons and sit down at the negotiating table, as the war with the “Taliban” is meaningless. However, Masood Jr. declared that rows of resistance are well equipped and “possess a strong martial spirit.”

Ethnic Tajiks live in a Panjshcher gorge, the population is about 140 thousand people. Earlier, the Taliban stated that he took the valley in the siege and already controls three strategic areas in the neighboring Baglan province – at the entrance to Panjscher. Amrulla Saleh, who held the post of vice-president of Afghanistan before capturing there, the power of the Islamists and announced himself with the legal president of the country, stated that the Taliban did not let food and fuel in the Valley of Andarab in the North Afghan Province of Baglan, pointing to a heavy humanitarian situation.

According to analysts, so far, not one of the foreign powers fighting for the distribution of influence in Afghanistan is not going to support resistance movement, “Since now they are trying to negotiate with the” Taliban “and snatch their piece of cake. However, the situation may later change, And if the “Taliban” will act against some of these powers, then Ahmed Masuda will also increase chances to get external support.