AI PIN gadget is harbinger of new era in AI

ai pin, a wearable device based on artificial intelligence from Openai, will soon be represented by consumers.

Humane startup aroused great interest at the world’s largest mobile technology exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in the Spanish Barcelona.

Humane startup is founded by former Apple employees. The AI ​​PIN they have developed is the underwear. He will receive integration with artificial intelligence models from Microsoft and Openai. AI PIN is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon


The company will offer customers a subscription that includes the maintenance of the phone number and the company’s cellular connection operating on the T-Mobile network.

AI PIN operates in autonomous mode and does not require connection to any devices or equipment.

The developers paid special attention to confidentiality and data protection. For this purpose, the corresponding functions have been added to the product.

A built -in camera is able to take photos, as well as shoot videos. At the same time, the “trust indicator” on the AI ​​PIN will begin to flash, notifying others that it collects audiovisual data.

You can manage them in a voice, gestures and touches. AI PIN the size of smart watches is attached to clothes using magnets and projects information directly on the palm of your hand. To leaf through the menu and pages, you need to tilt your palm up and down. The gesture is responsible for the choice of information of the thumb and forefinger.

You will have to pay $ 699 for the device, and then pay for an additional subscription worth $ 24 per month.

Humane announced that sales of the AI ​​PIN innovation device will begin in March 2024.