Akar: Our goal is formation of domestic technological base of Air Force of Turkey

Türkiye is aimed at equipping the Air Force with critical technologies of its own production. This was stated by the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulushi Akar on the occasion of the 112th anniversary of the Air Force command.

The minister drew attention to the fact that the inventory of the Turkish Air Force has already replenished many platforms developed by domestic companies of the defense industry.

Today, in Turkey, with enthusiasm and excitement, the anniversary of the creation of the Air Force command, the pride of the Turkish people in the sky, emphasized the head of the defense department. “Today, our air forces have taken its place among the world’s leading air forces due to their rich experience, highly qualified, staff and advanced technologies,” the minister’s message.

Turkish Air Force successfully fulfill all the assigned tasks, from protecting the sky to effective fight against terrorism, from evacuation operations with natural disasters to the support of the international world and stability, the Minister


Hulushi Akar expressed special gratitude to the Air Force personnel, which, according to him, played a crucial role in achieving such success. “To make our Air Force even more, we included many aviation platforms for the development of domestic defense industry. Negotiations with friendly and union countries are also ongoing to meet the pressing needs of the Turkish Air Force,” he said.

However, the ultimate goal is to equip the Turkish Air Force, one of the world’s first military aviation organizations, domestic systems, especially in the field of critical technologies, Acaric emphasized. “We work hard day and night, shoulder to shoulder, with state institutions, funds, private sector and universities in order to realize this goal and provide our staff with the most advanced and most modern technologies,” the minister added.